Over the last few days, I did a cleanup of different magazines I receive from around the world which relate to construction.  Interesting articles can be found within, which I never have time to read, but sometimes I stop to look at recent developments in our industry.

I stopped on an article from the magazine Trends, published by the Ontario Home Builder Association which reports on many recent developments on the market.

One of these is the Rain Water Pillow from the company of the same name.  I find this product amazing and its use… simplicity itself!  Click on this link to visualize its use.

As its name implies, the rain water pillow is a big 10’ x 10’ pillow which gathers up to 1000 gallons of water.  You can then attach your hoses to this ‘pillow’ to water your plants, lawns, gardens, and even wash the car as this product is equipped with a filter!  You can even hook it up to your automatic irrigation system!  Everything must, of course, be stored during the cold season.

You want to make a simple gesture?  This is the kind of product which we could all have; imagine the quantity of drinking water we could have saved with the rains we received this past summer!  We could have sold our water pillows to arid countries!  It’s true, I was forgetting it’s a sin to make money with Quebec water

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