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We are all more aware or at least sensitized to the importance of being more ecological, to recuperate, reutilize, restrict certain uses, etc.

I want to talk to you about composting because I find this ecological method fantastic!  What’s more, I find that this is a very educational method to teach our children, the next generation.  When we really take the time to think about it, and those who practice composting are well aware of it, an unbelievable amount of what we throw out is in fact still useful.  Think about it!  Your morning coffee filter (filter made of biodegradable materials), your banana or apple peels, your egg shells and leftovers of the cucumber you prepared for your snack are only some of the examples that you could recuperate by composting!  You reduce the contents of your garbage by half, and this only at breakfast!

You know, we are lucky in our country not to have to pay to dispose of our garbage.  In Switzerland, citizens must pay for disposal, so it goes without saying that the effort put into recycling and selecting is practiced a lot.

My parents have been practicing composting for a few years now so I witnessed firsthand the benefits and above all the quantity of compostable materials!  Don’t be deceived because, yes, it does take some effort on your part.  Personally, I believe this is a practice which can easily be integrated into your daily routine.

Some will say “yes, but it stinks!”  So, to these people, I answer “NO it does not stink!”  Nowadays, many hermetic containers or vats exist in the market.  I can even confirm that when you open the cover, no odour is detectable.  You will also not be able to say  “..I don’t want it to smell during my summer pool parties..”  This container is identical to the one my parents presently use.  Sure, I admit that it resembles something out of Star Wars, but hey, we can also be creative!

In the house, they have a small plastic bucket with a hermetic cover, which they periodically empty outside.

You can surely see that this is a method which fascinates me tremendously…

I am waiting for your comments and tricks as well as other methods you use for composting at home!


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