Top 10 best excuses of house plan copyright infringement!

The majority of the people I know are very much aware that Drummond House Plans makes a point of protecting its copyrights. We have spoken extensively on the subject over the years and have acted accordingly.

The most important element to consider when you are interested in a particular house plan is the following:


It is very frustrating for companies like Drummond House Plans or for anyone who earns a living by creating home plans to see their creation copied and reproduced at any time.  Or some people taking total ownership of if as if it was totally normal and no big deal.


In addition, the majority of people we "catch" tell us they are not aware of the copyright law and claim their innocence. They also give all kinds of excuses with which, the Drummond House Plans team decided to offer you the “TOP 10 BEST EXCUSES OF COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT”

(Note that these
excuses were actually divulged by plagiarists to members of our team!)

They are not
necessarily in order but you will see what I mean! And I hope you will not
recognize yourself in the process ?

1- "A house has 4 walls and a roof! Sort of difficult to reinvent!"

This one is really the best and the one that is used most often! If it's so simple to create, why do feel the need to plagiarize us?

When you create NOTHING, you cannot understand the home creation process! Therefore, you justify your plagiarism by tearing down the work of the original designers. If you are unable to create, you will see the creations of others as an “inspiration”!

(Note here that the term "inspiration" is used excessively by the plagiarisers  ... They feel less guilty saying were "inspired")

So stop lying to yourself and contact the original designer! Ask her/him for permission to use his house plan; it will be much wiser and honnest.

2- "I moved the window 6 inches ... so it's not the same plan anymore!"

If you add a beauty mark on the Mona Lisa, does it remain the Mona Lisa Yes? ... So, you have plagiarized by modifying an element!

If you make only minor
modifications to an existing creation, you cannot claim that it’s something you
created with your talent!

Again here, if you want to build a house that already exists, do not plagiarize and contact the original designer! Most of us have multiple-build (re-use) license program available for home builders!

Here's our pricing guide for our stock and custom house plan.

3- "I could not know it was your house plan!"

Whether it's one of our house plans or someone else's, you're still not entitled to use it! Did you create this model yourself? No?  Well that’s plagiarism or, at best, a pretty strong "inspiration"! If you base a house plan on something that already exists, you’re running after trouble! Check out the company (designer or builder) that created what you're looking for before "inspiring” yourself from it ... It'll be a good and honnest start!

4- "The house plan of which you speak of dates back several years!"

I'm sorry I didn’t
catch you before!  But I have a funny
feeling you’ve been doing this for a while and it may even have become a habit…

The delay is important when the plagiarized company becomes aware of the situation. If it takes 10 years of deciding on legal pursuit then in fact yes, the prescribed time to take action has passed (depending on the country). However, if we realize a situation 10 years later (after the house has been built) then we have all the rights to take legal action.

Again, contact us instead of plagiarizing! We have solutions and specials programs to offer!

"Difficult to determine who is inspired by who ..."

We keep proof of all publication dates for all of our house plans and can also provide the artistic process in which the house plan was created ... Can you prove that you published before us? ... No?  Then you could be in big trouble.  Call us instead!

6- "Our
Builder Association told us we are ok! "

Really? Since when do Builder Associations have the force of law? Would it be that they are there to protect their members (with reason)? Only the Court can
determine whether there if fault or not.

We have an immense
respect for the Builder Associations with which we collaborate frequently.
Their role has nothing to do with copyright issues.

"My competitors are also inspired by my house plans, I do not accuse them
of plagiarism for that ..."

You should!…

Unless "YOUR"
house plans are not really "YOURS" and your competitors do exactly as
you do and plagiarize the works of others?

Can you give me their
name please? ... We would really love to check out "THEIR" house plan

"When it comes down to advancement and modernity, we are all influenced by
what is being done"

Ah.... "Influence"
and "inspiration" have a broad back!

Why are these terms
only used by people who copy house plans?

If you do not create
your own plan and if you do not spend dozens of hours creating it but you
"INSPIRE YOURSELF» of what's going on around to go faster, you plagiarize
in 80% of cases.

"I changed the garage door and widened a window, it's not really the same
house plan”

Yes, it's the same house

Basically, your customer came to see you with one of OUR house plans and you modified it to satisfy his needs. This is exactly our job and our reason for being. If you modify our creations without our permission, it's a form of plagiarism...

If you take a song and you only change 3 or 4 words, isn’t it the same song?

"It's the same in fashion, hair, car and music; we are following the
trend! ... "

If you "follow the
trend", you do not create anything...

If you do not create anything, there is a good chance that you are plagiarizing...

not participate in this kind of behavior!

Do you like one of our house plans but would like to modify it yourself or via a relative or friend who makes a living in architecture? Contact us and we will offer you a program dedicated to your needs.

For those of you who
may think we will not find out if you used one of our house plan illegally ...
tell yourself that a built house is hard to deny and it stays up for a long
time! ... We must uphold our rights and we will never cease doing so.

Customer Testimony !

Even if we are paid to do our job, we always need some feedbacks, specially the positives ones, about our job and the way we serve our customers.

Sometimes, customers do complain and, for us, it is a good way to improve our overall customer service.

On the other hand, when they are satisfied, we also like to know it!  It helps us to know we do good things !  Here is an example that our customer service agent, Jessica Langlois, and our production manager, Salvatore Moffa, received a couple of days ago, as per we asked them some pictures of their new home:

“Dear Jessica and Sal.

Thank you so much!

It's really exciting to see the pictures. I am very happy with what you and Sal and others have come up with for us. I'm also very impressed with the personal service you have offered. That's the part that's really hard to find these days.

I will for sure keep in touch and send pictures when it's built. We are going ahead with foundation this month and then building as soon as snow melts in the spring.

Again, many thanks for all you have done!


Congratulations to our team and keep on your good work !!


Everyday, our staff members get frustrated about copyrights infringements from other designers, builders or home manufacturers.  We all know that all the other honnest design firms know what we are talking about!...

Those copyright infringers will use your image, your design and everything that you worked hard on to promote their own company, without asking you any permission.  On the top of everything, they do not even answer your e-mails and if you have the opportunity to catch them over the phone, they will tell you that they promote your company by using your image and renderrings...

When that situation happens in Canada or un the United States, the laws help us and with a quick communication, usualy, the problem is solved.

But when the copyright infringement happens in Europe or in China, that's another issue...

This is exactly what happens to Drummond House Plans right now with a company named Drummond Construction Systems;  based in Romania, and using the web address, this company is managed by Mr. Stefan Lipovicianu, who is one of our customer for the past 10 years.  Drummond Constrcution Systems bought about 8 plans over the last 10 years from Drummond House Plans.

Here are the lists of problems we experienced with Drummond Construction Systems:

This company says that they are our distributor (or Partner) in Romania, which is false!  This is mis-representation; they are a customer, not a distributor.  So, STRIKE 1!...

If you have the chance to visit their website, you will notice that Drummond House Plans is "everywhere";  they promote most of our designs and never got any licence from us to do so !...  They tell us that if a customer want one of our design, they will order the plan from us;  how come they keep hundreds of our designs, illegaly, if they bought only 8 plans from us in the past 10 years?...  Some questions will never get answers....  So, Strike 2 !

The third strike is that Drummond Construction Systems uses our Company Logo, as you can notice on the image below !!!  The top logo is ours and the one in blue is theirs !...  So, Strike 3!


Our message is always the same:  why a customer should trust a company that does not respect the copyrights and does some mis-representation to build the house of their dreams ?  If they act like this with us, what can they do with you ?

The biggest prpblem in that kind of issue, despite the fact that Mr. Lipovicianu never answered my e-mails, is the fact that some companies have a lack of creativity and originality and they need to use the other's to promote their company...  Drummond Construction Systems also have their own Facebook page on which they use only our designs...  maybe a few others...

Some people will say:  "At least, they bought some plans!"   And ypou would be right.

BUT:  buying a set of plans allows you to build only one house!  It does not allow you to use our entire plan collection to promote your business, neither our logo, neither make people beleive that we have a special business relation...

By the way, why do you think they name their company "Drummond"?...   Strike 4!  You're more than out !


Thanks for reading our blog and do not hesitate to share !  The more we share, the more people are aware !

Ventilate Your Home to Reduce 374 Indoor Pollutants

Airtight homes keep in heat... and many other things.

At the beginning of my career, I had the privilege of working for a company specializing in residential ventilation called Venmar. The company is well-known in the industrial area of Drummondville and has developed and still developing products related to the treatment of air in residential and especially light commercial applications.

In the 90s, the homeowners wanted to find a solution to the obvious signs of excess moisture in the home; that being condensation on windows. Upon the arrival of the cool nights of autumn, each house with inadequate ventilation or excess humidity ended up with this issue. This occurred because we increased the airtightness of houses, trapping in air and therefore moisture which would normally "leak" out of the home. The captive humidity and cold outside turns this excess moisture into condensation on the windows of the home. The solution was to install a mechanical ventilation systems, such as those manufactured Venmar.

Several years later, breathing problems were becoming more and more prevalent and we put the blame on industrial pollution and the poor quality of the air were breathing outside. But for some time, we also noticed that the air in our homes is often 10 times more polluted than outdoor air! Why? Due to of all products used in construction; cements and other binders, paints, solvents, etc.

A U.S. study by Perkins + Will for the National Institutes of Health lists 374 pollutants, directly linked to lung disease, specifically Asthma in this study.

I leave you to read the study and even if I am not paid to tell you, please remember that the ventilation in your home is the best tool to get rid of these indoor pollutants!

Our Copyright infringers Black Book continues !...

The web business is a fascinating universe.  Sometimes, it helps you to find something quicker than you never thought before.  And sometimes, you find some things that you really don't want to find!...

Here are few examples:

These companies are part of what I call the "Drummond House Plans - Black book".  They make the customer think that they represent us or that they act legally with us but it is not true at all.  They use our designs and company image to promote their own company which is illegal and deceitful.  I think our Romanian friends need to know with whom they are dealing with!...

These companies must buy a licence to use our designs on their website.  They are doing what we call Copyright Infringements, which is illegal.  We have contact with legal advisors in Romania and will see what we will do with them.  So, here is my advice:

"Aceste companii folosesc imaginea noastră în mod ilegal. Nu cumpara aceste societăţi!"  Which means, thanks to Google Translate, "These companies use our image illegally.  Do not buy from them."

Your comments and shares are welcome !



Quacent Homes: What about Copyrights infringements guys ?...

Some things can easily be discussed on a blog on a positive way;  but sometimes, we have to warn our customers about experiences we have had with some companies...

In the last months, we have had a lot of discussion with Mr. Ray Sun and his team at Quacent about the fact that they were using some of our designs and renderings without  licence or permission from usQuacent, actually is in copyright violaton for 7 of our designs which they promote on their website.  They are not allowed to use those and they act illegally against us.

Last year, more than 30 of our designs were published and promoted on Quacent and other affiliated companies' websites and they were licenced for only 11 of those...  We kindly asked them to pay for a licence for all the designs in use and they refused...  They threatened to not buy plans from Drummond House Plans if we do not let them use our designs...  My answer was "No way" and I asked them to remove all the designs on their Quacent web sites.  I'd rather forego sales rather than dealing with someone who does not respect us.

Today, I went on their websites and noticed that they still have 7 designs from us  (Plan 2653, 2688, 3109, 3507, 3937, 3938 and 4916) that are used to promote their company!  This is copyright infringement.  Instead of paying about $700 and dealing with us honestly, they would rather use our work illegally and sell houses to the innocent public...

As I explained to them, if you open a golf equipment store and you use Tiger Woods' image to promote your store, someone will surely come to you and say "you have 2 choices, you remove Mr. Woods' picture from your advertising or you pay him for using his image..."  It is the same situation here; Quacent uses our image to promote their company without paying us for that.  They cannot use our image if we do not authorize  it.  Our legal advisors will probably take care of them soon but I wanted to inform you about them.

So, the only thing I want to tell you is this:  BE CAREFUL WITH THEM!  If Quacent violates the Copyright law for $700...

Sad but true...

Customers Testimonies!... Always appreciated


In the past weeks, we got a few comments from our customers who dealt with our Customer Service staff, especialy Jessica and Martin from our Customization service.  I am more than pleased to put them on our company blog!

"Hi Jessica

We got our plans yesterday, thank you! We are very satisfied with your service. You and Martin were always very friendly and so
professional and delivered right on time! Thank you very much. You are outstanding!!

Thank you again. Kind regards,   Elke"


And also this one:

"Hi Jessica,

I received the plans about 11 a.m. today and have had a good look at them.  I am taking some to the contractor tomorrow.  We will not be starting until the Spring but hope the get the building permit before the end of the year.

I wanted to thank you, Martin and the technician for all your hard work.  You made the process pleasant, quick and interesting.  I thank you very much.  The idea of building a house is intimidating but you have made creating the space a pleasure.

Many thanks,


I always believed that the customer testimonies were the best marketing tools for a company!  Thanks to Jennifer and Elke for theuir good words and also, a huge thank you to Martin and Jessica to take good care of our precious customers!

We really appreciate you all!


Summer Hours, 2011 for Drummond House Plans Head Office

To our Valued Customers: 

In our many years of experience, late July is a quiet time of year for house plan purchases. For this reason, our head office closes for two weeks in to allow our staff to recharge their batteries and have a bit of summer fun with their families.

Please note that our Head Office will be closed from the July 25 through to August 5, 2011 inclusively. Regular office hours resume on Monday, August 8. Please note that no Head Office plan modifications or plan shipments will be available during this time.

Some of the agency offices will mirror the head office closure. We will note known closures on the agency pages. The Western office is open and available for inquiries. 

Our "Plan of the Week" newsletter will be on vacation during this time as well.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you with renewed energy upon our return!

Warmest regards,

Drummond House Plans Staff and Management

Captured: The Ruins of Detroit

Up and down Detroit’s streets, buildings stand abandoned and in ruin. French photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre set out to document the decline of an American city. Their book “The Ruins of Detroit“, a document of decaying buildings frozen in time, was published in December 2010.

From the photographers’ website:

Ruins are the visible symbols and landmarks of our societies and their changes, small pieces of history in suspension.

The state of ruin is essentially a temporary situation that happens at some point, the volatile result of change of era and the fall of empires. This fragility, the time elapsed but even so running fast, lead us to watch them one very last time : being dismayed, or admire, making us wondering about the permanence of things.

Click here to read the original content and see other pictures

A satisfied customer from Kentucky !

Here is a message I got through the "Email your comments to our President & CEO" link on our Web site:

"I keep seeing a photo of your house plan W2957 on various house plan sites and do not feel it does justice to your design. I purchased the same plan, (in reverse) approximately 5 years ago directly from you and built overlooking Cumberland River, near Albany, KY. The house turned out gorgeous, even beyond what I had hoped for! We obviously went a little overboard but it is the most beautiful home I have seen on the river and one of the most beautiful for a vacation home I have seen in its size class. I'm sure some of the homes in the coastal areas would surpass it, but I have seen few in more rural areas look better. Each time I have seen the photo image you are using I have been tempted to contact you and possibly make some of the photos I have available to you but do not know how that works. I have some great digital pictures of the front of the home, as well as some of the back actually from the water. Just bragging, but you guys know that ultimately the magic is always in the design and whoever designed this house plan did a fantastic job! I did add a second window in the stone front similar to your larger square footage plan. Even though the small window is in the master closet I thought it added balance to the outside and I tend to be a symmetrical person. Thanks, Richard Humble"

I keep saying that Drummond House Plans have the best customers on the market and this is another proof of it !  Mr. Humble wrote this to me during the Holidays and I can tell you that I can receive that kind of e-mail everyday.

If, like Mr. Humble, you are proud of your new Drummond house, and you want to share some photos with us and the visitors on our website, All you have to do is to send them to us by email at: [email protected].  We will surely upload your house in our Photo Gallery.

Thanks again Mr. Humble and Best Wishes to all your family!

Yves Carignan

President & CEO,

Summer Vacation Office Closure

To our Valued Customers: 

In our experience, late July is a quiet time of year for house plan purchases. For this reason, we have a full closure of our head office to allow our staff to recharge their batteries and have a bit of summer fun with their families.

Please note that our Head Office will be closed from the July 17 until August 1, 2010. Regular office hours resume on Monday, August 2. Please note that no Head Office plan modifications or plan shipments will be available during this time.

Some of the agency offices will mirror the head office closure. We will note known closures on the agency pages. The Western office will remain available for inquiries. 

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to serving you with renewed energy upon our return!

Warmest regards,

Drummond House Plans Staff and Management

Opening the Cottage!

Even if Mother Nature is slow to send us those first warm days, melting snow and the fact that the grass grows greener is the hint that it is time... to think of opening the cottage!

Alas, there is some drudgery before the enjoyment can begin. The first weekend of opening the vacation property is often spent on practical tasks to bring your cottage out of hibernation! - Plan #2939 - Plan #2939

Electrical and propane

If you own a cottage with electrical access, a simple visual inspection of external connections can tell you if there has been any damage during the winter. Make sure the wiring is in place and that the winter's rainfall combined with the ice did not damage the wiring and electrical connections. If something seems wrong, do not touch anything! Play it safe and contact a licenced electrician. If everything seems in good condition, simply activate the main breaker, then check the individual circuit breakers. Please note however that the water heater must be activated only once it is filled with water. Once these steps are completed, you can proceed with connecting other devices.

If your cottage uses propane as a main source of energy, first check the condition of the tank, the water main and secondary connections. WARNING: Make sure all valves are closed on devices before opening the main valve. Once the main valve is open, do an internal inspection of the cottage after a few minutes if you do not have Propane gas detectors. If you smell propane, close the main valve, open doors and make sure not to cause any sparks or open flame. I am personally always cautious about propane... The installation of a detector would provide peace of mind and protect your family.

Once you are sure that everything is in order, you can connect the water heater and turn it on. Make sure you fill the water heater before turning it on and turn the valves on for your various propane appliances.

Connecting water

Once the various energy sources are inspected and operational, it is time to supply the cabin with water. The first step is to conduct an inspection to ensure that the pipes and well have not been damaged by freezing.

For wastewater, you must perform a leak check of the pipes connecting the cabin in the septic tank. If you must drain the latter, be sure to contact the professionals who will ensure proper extraction and disposal of waste product. 

With the drainage valves closed, flush water taps for several minutes. Water should not leak. If there is leakage, further inspection and repair of your pipes is required. 

Collateral damage?

A visual inspection of all parts of your cottage is required. Look at every detail of the cottage rooms (water infiltration, condition of windows, appliances, electrical wiring inside, rodent damage, rodent carcasses, etc.) and perform the necessary repairs quickly to best maintain your investment.

Cleaning is in order!

At the start of the season, perform a thorough cleaning of your holiday property with products that protect your health and the environment.


Open windows and ventilate your cabin! A few hours of aeration is necessary because the overwintering coupled with the presence of small insects or rodents may result in odours. Of course, it makes sense to keep young children off the floors until insects have been removed and the floors cleaned.

If you do not have a cottage, we obviously have a number of vacation property solutions for you.

Have a great summer!

Save the trees !... But not all of them!

In our industry, we have the chance (!) to see some designs, construction, landscaping or many other mistakes.  But this one is the worst I've never seen !!

This picture comes from a web site named;  if you visit this site, you will see a lot of failures but the picture of this house is hilarious !

Don't worry !  At Drummond House Plans, we can offer you the "reversed version" of the original design !  If you reverse the plan of this house, you can keep the tree and do not look like a fool !...

Home Builder Magazine talks about Drummond House Plans

In its May/June issue, Home Builder Magazine, the official magazine of the Canadian Home Builders' Association did an interesting report about the evolution of house plans in Canada.  Judy Penz Sheluk contacted us to get our opinion about the stock plan industry and the emergence of house plans web sites.  You can read the entire article by clicking here.

Home Builder Magazine report - May/June 2009

Marie-France Roger, my partner, was the one interviewed by Mrs. Sheluk and explained that Stock House plans can be sold as is or modified to suit the customer's needs.  We can even do a compelete custom project, on-line, by exchanging information with the customer / Builder. 

Some designer, like Mrs. Jane Cameron from Life Home Design, think that people can not be 100% satisfied with a stock plan...  Over the years more than 110 000 people can argue with that because it is the total number of stock plan we sold in the past 35 years !  However, a stock plan company must be able to do some modifications to their plans to make sure that we can serve all types of customers and this is what we do.

In the past, people who wanted to do some modifications or get a full custom design had to meet with a local designer to get a complete set of plans.  Today, we can all do it on line (we do more than 500 modified / custom house plans per year without meeting direct with the customer!) and tailor a complete design to the customer needs and then, by also contacting local engineers and/or architect during the project to complete the plans and meet the local regulations.  Customer saves time and money.  Our costs are about 1 to 3% of the total cost to build.  Get a quote right here !

If you go to a local designer with some images of a stock plans, make sure that the designer gets the copyright licencees from the original designer and work legally on your project because those plans are potected by our Canadian Copyright law.  The original designer has the total right to sue you and your designer...  Don't get in trouble and work legally!

Drummond House Plans has some programs for local designers / drafters who would like to modifiy a plan based on our design;  it is simple, quick and not expensive !  Click here for more information.

Special thanks to Mrs. Sheluk and to Charlie Blore, Editor of Home Builder Magazine.

Green Homes - Great Video featuring a friend !

A few days ago, I got and e-mail from a friend in Alabama, Architect Bob Chatham from Chantham Design Group, who featured in a very interesting TV episode from Dany Lipford.

The video will explain you the details of a green house and also how you can be greener in your existing home ! 

Congratulations to Bob who designed the featured house of this video.  The Fairhope Green Home Project is the first house in the state to receive Gold Certification from the National Association of Home Builders Green Building Program

Remember one thing if you build green,  this type of construction is a real team work !

Enjoy !

Building your first home?

You've thought about it for so long and now, you are close to start building your home!  What an exciting decision but are you ready?  Are you stepping down this path for the first time?  Nervous ?!...

Like any process, building a home can be tricky and there are many important details to consider as you get started.  Have you decided on a style of home yet? There are many styles such as American, Bungalow, Cottage, Country, Crafstman, and many more.  Try to find the style of a friend's or a neighbour's home that you like and you will probably find what you like.  Write down or draw the details you like and and keep it in a file so when you meet an architect or plan designer, you will not forget anything.   Browse the Internet and you may find the home of your dream through a Stock Plan Collection, or you can do some modifications of a stock plan through the original designer or do a complete Custom plan.

Where you build is very important too.  If you already own the land you plan to build on, you may have more options than an established subdivision with building scheme.  One thing very important though;  make sure you have your land before buying the plan.  Some people purchace plans before the land... only to discover that the home they dreamed of could not be built on the land they bought!

If you buy land in a subdivision, make sure you understand all the restrictions and limits of the developer.  These "covenants" are in place to assure that all the homes in the area are worth about the same and this will protect the value of your investment in the future.  Always remeber that a house is an investment that you have to protect and, even if you do not think about it now, you may want to sell it some day!  Protect it!

There are a lot of things to consider about the location of your new home: Distance to shopping, Schools, work have to be thought about.

Finding the right contractor is your next step.  Talk to some friends or relatives about their experiences and make sure, when you have identified the right contractor that you get at least 3 bids plus the names of satisfied customers you can contact.  Always remember the old adage: "If it is too good to be true, it problably is!"  To ensure that both you and your builder are satisfied with the work, make sure the details are spelled out in a written contract.  The time you spend at this stage and on the plan stage will avoid any confusion or unexpected expenses later on.

With the internet and groups like the Canadian Home Builders Association and your provincial groups, reams of information is available to help plan your home.  The Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation also offers useful information including valuable question and answer sheets.

Beyond choosing a good contractor, you will also need a lawyer and a banker to handle legal matters and financing.  Finally, remember that some home builders are more concerned about structural integrity and the attractiveness of your home from the outside.  Remember that the interior should also be designed for practical concerns like - will all the furnitures you already have fit? Do not hesitate to contact an interior designer and kitchen and bathroom planner before starting to build;  they will help you to maximise your living space and avoid mistakes you will see once you live in your home !

Want to build green ?  Many links like LEED and Built Green can surely help you.

Enjoy !

this post was based on an article from the Cottage and Home Plans magazine provided by Tim-Br Mart. Some information was also supplied by CMHC and CHBA.

Drummond House Plans - Customer Testimony

Fridays are not always the same...  This one, is a particular "positive Friday" !  Since I was very busy and out of the office most of the week, I decided to go through my e-mails and found this one who really made my day !

"Dear Mr. Girouard (Dan Girouard is our production manager),

I would like to express my thanks for the efforts Johnny Graziani did on changing our house plans.

While the modifications to our plans were not much out of the ordinary, we ran into some unexpected administrative discussions with our town in getting the needed permits. This required additional modifications to the plans with a very quick turnaround time. Johnny made sure that he understood our needs, worked within the limitations of his staff and assisted us in getting preliminary versions of the needed changes so we could work with the town as quickly as possible. Johnny could easily just told us that his schedule was fixed and we would have to wait until his team could complete the work efforts. But instead, he worked with me to understand what the minimum we needed was and how he might be able to get this done quickly.

It was truly a pleasure working with Johnny and the resulting plans match our needs perfectly. I hope all the people in your organization are as pleasant as Johnny to work with.

Kind Regards / Viele Grüße,

Thomas Voshell
Director Industry Solutions
Constituent Services
SAP Labs
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20004 USA "

We can get recognition from our industry partners but nothing matches that kind of comments to me !  Thanks for your e-mail Mr. Voshell and I want to congratulate our modification team, Johnny, and Dan who does a great job managing all the production team.

To answer your question, Mr. Voshell, I am sure all the people in our organization are as pleasant as Johnny !...  Except myself, sometimes !!!   ;o)

Have a great week-end everyone !

Customer Testimony

Is there something more motivating for a company, especially for the Customer Service people, than receiving positive comments from a customer who bought one of our house plans ?  I want to congratulate our team for this one:

Hi Doreen,
We did receive the plans this morning. I am attaching the packing slip as instructed by Teri. The parcel was sent "Expediated Parcel" which they have told me means a 6 day delivery time from Quebec. What a mix- up by Canada Post . Anyway, we have the designs safe and sound. Thank you so much for all your help. I have never dealt with a company so courteous and prompt at responding to customer concerns. You will be highly recommended to anyone who may be considering ordering plans. Your representative in Penticton,Teri, was also a delight be work with. In a way I'm glad this happened as it has restored my faith that there are a few companies left who actually care that the customer is happy with the product and service they offer. You should be commended .

Thank you again
Kent and Linda Vincent

As you know, these days, it is always hard to find a company who will be dedicated to his customers.  We are and we always will ! 

Congratulations, Doreen, and keep on the good work !

Yves Carignan, CEO, Drummond House Plans

A billion dollar House !!!

Have you ever had the opportunity to visit a billion dollar house ?!  Forbes magazine gives you the chance to visit one through this link

My opinion ?  Absolutely awesome, imposing and fabulous...  However, I think with a billion dollar, I would have built something nicer !....

What do you think ?

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Good ideas for the re-use of rain water

Over the last few days, I did a cleanup of different magazines I receive from around the world which relate to construction.  Interesting articles can be found within, which I never have time to read, but sometimes I stop to look at recent developments in our industry.

I stopped on an article from the magazine Trends, published by the Ontario Home Builder Association which reports on many recent developments on the market.

One of these is the Rain Water Pillow from the company of the same name.  I find this product amazing and its use... simplicity itself!  Click on this link to visualize its use.

As its name implies, the rain water pillow is a big 10’ x 10’ pillow which gathers up to 1000 gallons of water.  You can then attach your hoses to this ‘pillow’ to water your plants, lawns, gardens, and even wash the car as this product is equipped with a filter!  You can even hook it up to your automatic irrigation system!  Everything must, of course, be stored during the cold season.

You want to make a simple gesture?  This is the kind of product which we could all have; imagine the quantity of drinking water we could have saved with the rains we received this past summer!  We could have sold our water pillows to arid countries!  It’s true, I was forgetting it’s a sin to make money with Quebec water...

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