Who would have known that everytime we flush we are actually flushing away valuable and natural fertilizer.  At least that’s what Dave claims in his article “Sustainable Sanitation” found on the blog called “On the Level“.  It is actually on Bob Vila’s website.  Although most of us know who Bob Vila is,  I personnally remember him from a very funny family sitcom called Home Improvement.  I really enjoyed the show.  Too bad America’s more into the “reality shows” now…  But enought about that, let’s get back to the main subjet cause I could really get sidetracked!

In this day and age everyone is trying to figure out better ways to recycle and save energy.  Sometimes, little do we know that some very basic ways of re-using energy exist very close to home.  Actually, in our homes!  Who knew that urine is filled with nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus, three ingredients in artificial fertilizer. Feces also have these components in lesser amounts but produce methane, which can burned and used as “biogas.”  

I have often heard that if stuck in the woods with an open wound, urine can be a very powerful, effective and needed antiseptic.  But, I had no idea that it could actually help trees, grass and garden’s grow!  Nature really is intelligent.  We have much yet to learn from her (mother nature).

I’m sure this piece of information will please many men who enjoy a good outdoor “relieving” session;)  It will now be difficult for us women to complain….