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Ecoflo® is a water treatment system for residential sewage that is based on the principal of filtration. 100% natural and ecological, its organic filter functions without an electromechanical component. It treats pollutants and retains solids from the water contained in sewers originating from the septic tank.

Ecoflo® is available in two models: fibreglass and concrete. It is adaptable to all kinds of lands and soils and it discretely integrates with the landscaping without making noise and is odourless.

Ecoflo® is a very flexible solution as it can be installed under conditions that most conventional systems, presently on the market, can not. Its filter captures all pollutants and suspended matter, making it impossible for it to reject polluting matter back into the air which, in turn, ensures the longevity and proper functioning of our septic tank installation.

Recent studies have shown that the septic installation of Ecoflo®, combined with a natural soil and conforming to regulations, can reduce phosphorus contents in domestic waste water by 98%, making it a privileged protection of lakes and waterways.

Each Ecoflo® owner is bound with the manufacturer by an annual maintenance contract. Every year, Premier Tech Environment (PTE) and its network of local partners, inspect and maintain each installed Ecoflo® The purchase and complete installation of a septic system varies between 8 000$ to 10 000$ Certain conditions such as the region, the type of soil and the Ecoflo® model can influence the total of the invoice. The purchase of an Ecoflo® includes: an annual preventive maintenance at no extra charge, a 20-year warranty on the caisson and its components, a 10-year warranty on the filtering system itself. Once installed, the Ecoflo® septic system is considered to be permanent. Only the filter must be changed every 10 years in order to ensure quality treatment.

Ecoflo® successfully passed the tests of “Le Bureau de Normalisation du Québec (BNQ)“. It is certified according to norm NQ 3680-910 oriented for the protection of the environment. Its results surpass industry requirements.

Plan the Purchase of Your Septic Installation
Follow these steps
Obtain a soil analysis and elaborate plans and specifications.
Contact either a technologist or an engineer to obtain the plans and specifications *(profile of your building site, a topographic survey of the site, the level of permeability, etc.)
*Required by the “Ministère du Développement durable“, the Environment and Parks.

Obtaining a Permit
Submit the plans and specifications received either from the technologist or engineer to your municipal inspector.

Request a tender from different installers trained by Premier Tech Environment to install your septic installation. The installer is able to supply all the necessary components (septic tank, pre-filter, Ecoflo®, clean stones for the disposable field, pumping station if necessary, etc.)

Inspection and Conformity
The municipal inspector or an authorized agent will be there during the installation and will inspect the job at different stages of the work in order to assure that the work is done according to the plans and that it is conformable. Once the installation is complete, your installer will give you a folder with your owner’s manual along with your maintenance contract. Please be sure to complete your contract as quickly as possible and forward copies to the intervening parties mentioned. This way, your Ecoflo® will be registered in our data base and the following year, a technician will proceed with the prevention maintenance included in the purchase price of your system.


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