Last Monday, I posted this messsage on my personal blog from one of our many satisfied customers :o)

Good Afternoon,

We recently purchased one of your designs and are currently in the process of having these plans approved by our local building inspector.  We thought we would share some comments he had about your design. 

We are going to be doing our own construction and we were very impressed by the detail provided in your plans.  Our building inspector indicated that he has never seen such complete and detailed plans and that it was a pleasure to review.  Your plans will not only be a hugh benefit to us as we begin to build but it obviously has facilitated the approval process.


Linda Lindsay, Flinton, ON

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Considering the fact that the Ontario Building code is very strict, including the BCIN, we are very pleased with that kind of comments from our customers.  So, Ontario customers, get the peace of mind with Drummond’s plans !