The majority of the people I know are very much aware that Drummond House Plans makes a point of protecting its copyrights. We have spoken extensively on the subject over the years and have acted accordingly.

The most important element to consider when you are interested in a particular house plan is the following:


It is very frustrating for companies like Drummond House Plans or for anyone who earns a living by creating home plans to see their creation copied and reproduced at any time.  Or some people taking total ownership of if as if it was totally normal and no big deal.


In addition, the majority of people we “catch” tell us they are not aware of the copyright law and claim their innocence. They also give all kinds of excuses with which, the Drummond House Plans team decided to offer you the “TOP 10 BEST EXCUSES OF COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT”

(Note that these excuses were actually divulged by plagiarists to members of our team!)

They are not necessarily in order but you will see what I mean! And I hope you will not recognize yourself in the process ?

1- “A house has 4 walls and a roof! Sort of difficult to reinvent!”

This one is really the best and the one that is used most often! If it’s so simple to create, why do feel the need to plagiarize us?

When you create NOTHING, you cannot understand the home creation process! Therefore, you justify your plagiarism by tearing down the work of the original designers. If you are unable to create, you will see the creations of others as an “inspiration”!

(Note here that the term “inspiration” is used excessively by the plagiarisers  … They feel less guilty saying were “inspired”)

So stop lying to yourself and contact the original designer! Ask her/him for permission to use his house plan; it will be much wiser and honnest.

2- “I moved the window 6 inches … so it’s not the same plan anymore!”

If you add a beauty mark on the Mona Lisa, does it remain the Mona Lisa Yes? … So, you have plagiarized by modifying an element!

If you make only minor modifications to an existing creation, you cannot claim that it’s something you created with your talent!

Again here, if you want to build a house that already exists, do not plagiarize and contact the original designer! Most of us have multiple-build (re-use) license program available for home builders!

Here’s our pricing guide for our stock and custom house plan.

3- “I could not know it was your house plan!”

Whether it’s one of our house plans or someone else’s, you’re still not entitled to use it! Did you create this model yourself? No?  Well that’s plagiarism or, at best, a pretty strong “inspiration”! If you base a house plan on something that already exists, you’re running after trouble! Check out the company (designer or builder) that created what you’re looking for before “inspiring” yourself from it … It’ll be a good and honnest start!

4- “The house plan of which you speak of dates back several years!”

I’m sorry I didn’t catch you before!  But I have a funny feeling you’ve been doing this for a while and it may even have become a habit…

The delay is important when the plagiarized company becomes aware of the situation. If it takes 10 years of deciding on legal pursuit then in fact yes, the prescribed time to take action has passed (depending on the country). However, if we realize a situation 10 years later (after the house has been built) then we have all the rights to take legal action.

Again, contact us instead of plagiarizing! We have solutions and specials programs to offer!

5- “Difficult to determine who is inspired by who …”

We keep proof of all publication dates for all of our house plans and can also provide the artistic process in which the house plan was created … Can you prove that you published before us? … No?  Then you could be in big trouble.  Call us instead!

6- “Our Builder Association told us we are ok! “

Really? Since when do Builder Associations have the force of law? Would it be that they are there to protect their members (with reason)? Only the Court can determine whether there if fault or not.

We have an immense respect for the Builder Associations with which we collaborate frequently. Their role has nothing to do with copyright issues.

7- “My competitors are also inspired by my house plans, I do not accuse them of plagiarism for that …”

You should!…

Unless “YOUR” house plans are not really “YOURS” and your competitors do exactly as you do and plagiarize the works of others?

Can you give me their name please? … We would really love to check out “THEIR” house plan collection!

8- “When it comes down to advancement and modernity, we are all influenced by what is being done”

Ah…. “Influence” and “inspiration” have a broad back!

Why are these terms only used by people who copy house plans?

If you do not create your own plan and if you do not spend dozens of hours creating it but you “INSPIRE YOURSELF» of what’s going on around to go faster, you plagiarize in 80% of cases.

9- “I changed the garage door and widened a window, it’s not really the same house plan”

Yes, it’s the same house plan…

Basically, your customer came to see you with one of OUR house plans and you modified it to satisfy his needs. This is exactly our job and our reason for being. If you modify our creations without our permission, it’s a form of plagiarism…

If you take a song and you only change 3 or 4 words, isn’t it the same song?

10- “It’s the same in fashion, hair, car and music; we are following the trend! … “

If you “follow the trend”, you do not create anything…

If you do not create anything, there is a good chance that you are plagiarizing…

Do not participate in this kind of behavior!

Do you like one of our house plans but would like to modify it yourself or via a relative or friend who makes a living in architecture? Contact us and we will offer you a program dedicated to your needs.

For those of you who may think we will not find out if you used one of our house plan illegally … tell yourself that a built house is hard to deny and it stays up for a long time! … We must uphold our rights and we will never cease doing so.