When we know we are inviting guests for Christmas, we are inclined to always want to offer the best and welcome them in a warm and festive atmosphere. However, we all know that decorating for Christmas in 2018 can be expensive…


You will discover in this article very simple Christmas decorations that are not too expensive and that will offer the warm holiday decor that you are looking for. A few candles, creative ideas, your craftiness and you are good to go!




In 2018, beauty = simplicity. So to achieve a warm and well balanced decor it means you need to diversify your material choices in quantities, colors and textures. A good idea for the centerpiece is to have a mix of natural accessories mixed in with Christmas colors. For example, making your own under dish from logs or drying twigs of wood … Take inspiration from the images below to create an atmosphere that is unique to you!

 center piece 

christmas decorations 

christmas decorations DIY      

christmas deco            



Traditionally, ornamenting the stairs is a must at Christmas. We put garlands, candles, lanterns, bows … We find everything for Christmas decorations in stores like Winners / HomeSense. HomeSense is a must for country style and unique decorations! Many other retailers also offer unique types of decorations … Like Magnolia Market, H & M Home, Simons, Wayfair, Zara Home … J (my favorites …)


christmas garland

garlands for the stairs




There are so many ideas of beautiful garlands to do for the holidays! In my opinion, Pinterest is your best friend when it comes to finding ideas to decorate your house but without neglecting your own creative talents! … Just take the time to visit us on Pinterest, you will find everything to revamp your home.


garlands in the kitchen


christmas garlands


diy Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations




Who does not like candles? I’m personally very fond of them!. Especially those from Bath and Body Works (Mahogany Teakwood). When it comes time to combine candles and decor, it’s a yes! Not only for their irresistible smells, they also managed to create cozy and relaxing atmospheres. Isn’t this what we are all trying to achieve during the Holidays right? That and being accompanied by a good cup of wine! Normally I would suggest that you buy your candles at Winners, but seeing as it’s so fun and crafty to do your own, I rather suggest that you let your creative juices flow and guide you to either to your own or create an amazing arrangement!

Christmas decorations with candles

Christmas decorations

Christmas decorations


When the space won’t allow you to have a Christmas tree… You try your best to make it cozy.

Small Christmas tree


Christmas decorations for apartments Christmas tree decorations for the wall

Have a look at my article « Shopping tips and inspiration for the photos I use in my article » if you wonder where I like to shop for ideas!!