Seeing as many of you have sent comments and questions regarding the many photos that I use in my articles, I’ve decided to share this special blog article for you. You will now have access to the websites from which I am often inspired to use and share with you.

My main motivation when writing articles based on decoration and trends is to share my ideas in hopes of helping you un turn to be inspired as well when undergoing small or big renovation projects or simply redecorating.
Therefore, in order to assist with your project even more, I’ve decided to share with you the websites I refer to on a regular basis.
I will start with the main major websites from which I use photos to then, I will let you in on the selection of websites I use where you can actually buy a big majority of the furniture and decoration articles (or similar that I use in my blog articles) You may click on the links to access the pages.
Firstly, here is a list of all the websites I use for my inspirations, the origin of the pictures you see, in other words, pictures that I have not taken myself.

Pinterest dessins drummond inspiration





Instagram inspiration









Now here is a list of the major online stores that I prefer where you can actually purchase objects and home furniture often used in my blog articles.

A little of everything:



Crate and Barrel

Serena and Lily




Restoration Hardware


My seasonal and stylish inspirations:

Home Sens

Zara home

H & M home


Magnolia Market
Major independent stores websites:


Society 6


As far as shopping is concerned, here are undeniably my favorite places to browse: Ikea, Urban Outfitters, H&M home, Home Sens, Pier1imports & Rejuvenation. Unfortunately, H&M home, Home Sens & Pier1imports do not offer shipping options for online shopping. You will have to (oh what horror) actually have to visit the store. For H&M home, the first ever store will be opening at Carrefour Laval in a couple of months (Fall 2016)

To conclude, often the photos I use of articles and decorative objects are handmade, or have been restored. I invite you to make use of creativity if what you are looking for is perhaps not readily available. For example, small furniture found in a garage sale can turn out to be a great project starter! Often these findings are little treasures once you’ve repainted or modified them to your taste (perhaps adding ceramic to the surface?).   Let your creative juices flow!

I do hope that these references will have helped you and will continue to a friendly assist in all the projects you undergo!

I wish you a wonderful day and good luck with your future or undergoing projects and above all, do not hesitate to write to me, I love to hear from you!