Fun ideas for Easter 2017

Fun ideas for Easter 2017

Each event has its own decorations and if it’s your turn this year to entertain the family you will find some fun ideas for Easter 2017 and fresh, new ways to feed your guests with these original recipes. Even if you’re thinking of staying home and getting crafty you will find inspiration in this article.

Since eggs are the enduring symbol of the season and spring flowers are plentiful (at least at the florist if it’s still too cold outside in your area) take advantage of all of the bounty to impress your family and friends to create an Easter to remember for years to come! Try these wonderful tips and don’t forget to have fun and enjoy all that Easter represents…

Original recipe ideas for Easter 2017

A perfect brunch!

Easter 2015 fruit plates - Drummond House Plans' blog

Easter 2015 - Drummond House Plans' Blog

Hard boiled eggs with a festive touch!


Easter 2015 desserts


Fun ideas for Easter 2015 - Drummond House Plans' blog

Eater bunny!

Fun ideas for Easter 2015 - Drummond House Plans' blog

Fun ideas for Easter 2015 - Drummond House Plans' blog

Here’s my favorite Easter 2017 receipe: Maple Cinnamon Ham Glaze!

The most beautiful Easter 2017 eggs

For the kids

Mix the colors in a container deep enough to submerge the entire surface of the egg


Marbled effect made using melted wax crayons


Assemble string, stickers, candies and confetti and let imaginations go wild to create the most original egg!!


Monochromatic eggs with flair! By mixing colors, using a drop of each, and finishing them with markers to create unique designs


Painted easter egg in little bird nest

Find napkins in interesting prints and supply paint brushes and non toxic glue to inspire the kids


Decorated eggs for adults

The power of the black sharpie!

You too have the right to have fun decorating eggs! Leave the colors to the kids and decorate your own with designs, textures and other inspiration that you find at the tip of your sharpie! Let your imagination lead your marker but make sure that the ink is permanent otherwise you may inadvertently wash away your creation.

Fun ideas for Easter 2015 - Drummond House Plans' blog

Doodles !

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How about a special message to the one you love!



Brown eggs

Using white on a beige, brown egg is an unexpected touch! Be selective as to what you put on the beige eggs for the greatest impact!



You can even turn them into Christmas ornaments to enjoy later!


Add originality to colored eggs !









Easter activities

Make your own “bunny” crayons


Spud stamps!


Easter artistry!


DIY decorations and crafts for Easter

flower wreath


Vase of flowers



Soak colored string in a mix of flour and water



Photos credits: Houzz & Pinterest

Have a look at my article “Shopping tips and inspiration for the photos I use in my articles” if you wonder where I like to shop for ideas!!


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