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Fridays are not always the same…  This one, is a particular “positive Friday” !  Since I was very busy and out of the office most of the week, I decided to go through my e-mails and found this one who really made my day !

“Dear Mr. Girouard (Dan Girouard is our production manager),

I would like to express my thanks for the efforts Johnny Graziani did on changing our house plans.

While the modifications to our plans were not much out of the ordinary, we ran into some unexpected administrative discussions with our town in getting the needed permits. This required additional modifications to the plans with a very quick turnaround time. Johnny made sure that he understood our needs, worked within the limitations of his staff and assisted us in getting preliminary versions of the needed changes so we could work with the town as quickly as possible. Johnny could easily just told us that his schedule was fixed and we would have to wait until his team could complete the work efforts. But instead, he worked with me to understand what the minimum we needed was and how he might be able to get this done quickly.

It was truly a pleasure working with Johnny and the resulting plans match our needs perfectly. I hope all the people in your organization are as pleasant as Johnny to work with.

Kind Regards / Viele Grüße,

Thomas Voshell
Director Industry Solutions
Constituent Services
SAP Labs
1300 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20004 USA

We can get recognition from our industry partners but nothing matches that kind of comments to me !  Thanks for your e-mail Mr. Voshell and I want to congratulate our modification team, Johnny, and Dan who does a great job managing all the production team.

To answer your question, Mr. Voshell, I am sure all the people in our organization are as pleasant as Johnny !…  Except myself, sometimes !!!   ;o)

Have a great week-end everyone !

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Businessman, blogger and speaker, Yves Carignan chairs and directs Drummond House Plans since 2002 with his wife and partner Marie-France Roger.

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  1. PMM Properties at 16 h 15 min

    That is indeed a glowing testimonial form a heavyweight! Kudos to your business and staff members for going the extra mile to sort a customer out. This is the kind of thing which reflects in long term success! Well done!

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