In these times where good news may sometimes be a rare thing to hear, I would like to take this opportunity to share with you some very exciting news regarding the Drummond House Plans’ customer service team.

Last week, at the International Builder Show  in Las Vegas,  Drummond House Plans was honoured by receiving the Best Customer Service award among all the designers represented by Hanley Wood / House Plan Division.

Drummond House Plans stood out amongst many other very popular & important architectural firms in the US, such as House Plan Gallery, Don Gardner, Sater Designs, Frank Betz Associates, Nelson Design Group, and many others and for this, we are particularly proud!

In this industry where competition is of the utmost importance, top quality house plans, professionalism, efficiency and prompt responses to our publishers & customers, make the difference between winning or losing a sale!

Congratulations to our team for a job well done, I am very proud of us all!

And a big thank you to Hanley-wood for the award & for doing a terrific job at promoting our designs! 

So now, Hanley-wood, how can we get more exposures?  😉