The first thing people who lack inspiration often do is go have a look on Pinterest and yes, this is a good starting point. On the other hand, it can sometimes be interesting to change and have a  look at what others are doing and get even more inspired!

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One of the accounts that inspires me most is that of @amberinteriors on Instagram.

I’ll give you a little wrap up of what/who Amber Interiors actually is. Amber is the actual founder of a blog about design and lifestyle. She then founded the company I am talking about here.


Amber Interiors amberinteriors décoration intérieur
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Amber assists customers with their home decoration. She makes great discoveries such as, and for example: furniture, fabrics, and accessories with the perfect textures and colors to complement the different rooms of a house.


So today I’m going to show you a lot of stuff I’ve been hooked on!

I absolutely love the warm look she manages to give to absolutely all her rooms. She uses natural and warm colors to match all the mixture of textures. It creates a moody sort of atmosphere that makes you want to be cozy and really take care of yourself.

The windows

Amazing! It’s minimalist, all the while giving a little more “punch”. And what about the beautiful brightness apart from the fact that I want exactly that in my home! When natural light shines through to leave that kind of shadow, my heart is totally won!

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Exposed beams

I wouldn’t say it’s a “must” with a very high ceiling, but it kind of is! It gives a beautiful natural look and it brings a nice focal point in the room. It also helps to soften up things when the ceilings are very high.

Pssst, let us know if you would like for us to do a DIY blog post on this.

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The quarter-turn staircase

This is the kind of staircase where we usually see a princess go down to meet her prince in the movies. In reality, this is where we will see the parents come down with a load of wash (lol), but it is still very beautiful!

The mix of rounded and straight lines here go perfectly well together. As we can also see, making the steps darker is also a great idea to keep the stairs a little safer.

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The shower

Brass fittings is a big yes! It’s vintage chic. The molding of the shower which is made of copper creates a nice continuity with the other materials and the furniture.

If you want a bathroom that’s out of the ordinary, but doesn’t take you out of your comfort zone, here it is!

Salle de bain accesseoires laiton amberinteriors décoration intérieur

EVERYTHING in this kitchen

The mixture of natural colors, the pale colors, the bluish black and the gold colors are so easy on the eyes! The kitchen has a refined look all the while being functional. It has a little elegant country look that is quite delightful!

The sink, facing the guests might just give my boyfriend the desire to do the dishes a little more often! (lol). A great kitchen that is just so inviting and makes you want to gather around friends and family.

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Board and Batten

This wall has several shades of beige gives character to the room while maintaining its soothing atmosphere. This room makes me want binge watch a new series in one day! Honestly, wood paneling adds a nice touch to a usually flat wall. In addition, it’s easy to install if you want to do it yourself!

Salon détente avec sofa vert amberinteriors décoration intérieur
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The library

This library filled with cushions, books, vases and even more cushions is definitely a favorite. It’s pure genius. There are so many beautiful cushions that we can’t put them all on our sofa.

There is an art here of arranging neutral colors that create beautiful harmony. Also, the slatted bottom adds a nice composition to the other patterns and makes everything match well together. The bookcase blends a little into the wall particularly because the colors are identical so as not to emphasize the bookcase.

Salon avec une étagère bibliothèque décorative amberinteriors décoration intérieur
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I’ll be back shortly with more inspirational accounts that I like. In the meantime, you can check out our boards on Pinterest to leave room for creativity.