Pantone determines a color trend each year that will be representative of year to come. This color is determined according to several analyzes of current events,  world situation, current lifestyles, in short, the environment around us.

Colors make us feel certain emotions and Pantone determines the one we need for the year.

This year’s color is Viva Magenta.

Credit : Pantone

Its name represents a form of celebration after having gone through the past few years. It’s “An unconventional color for an unconventional time.” Very well said wouldn’t you say?

Viva Magenta is a vivid crimson that tends towards red. It is fearless and thrilling. It represents, among other things, the balance of emotions. It contains the energy and passion of red balanced with the calm and introspection of the color purple.


Here some ways to incorporate Viva Magenta in your home

If you have the audacity, you can paint a whole wall this color or only partially.

Credit : Lavorist

In this guideline, magenta aligns with the return of classic, dark, more moody, detailed decors. It is an ideal color to use both to accentuate, but also as a base color in a room. This color moves us far from a minimalist décor.  This color is charged, heavier and darker.

Credit : House & Garden

Some may have a preference for this color in the kitchen. It is sure to be the center of attention and focal point of the room.

Credit : Archilovers

For those who wish to “play it safe”, accessories are perfect way to emphasize this year’s trendy color. You can play around with rugs, curtains, cushions or chairs. It can also be mixed with several styles.

Credit : Castro Lighting

Be ready to see this color everywhere this year and it’s gorgeous in any setting when paired with neutral colors to balance it all out.

Get inspired with these decoration ideas and add a little “Viva” to your year!