Is your business related to residential construction, products & services? We have a proposal via our advertising platform for you which will allow you to promote your business to our web visitors who are in the process of building or renovating their home! And your business might just be the answer to their needs!

Self-service advertising platform

Discover our new “SELF-SERVICE” advertising platform allowing companies to create their own advertisement directly on our website! Looking for a better way to promote your business? You will certainly be delighted with this new simple and easy to use way to do so!

Follow the steps!

To add your business to our platform, just follow this quick and easy process:

1. Plan your campaign: It is simply a matter of following this process which will guide you in your choices of setting, audience, budgets and schedules.

2. Create your ad: Create your visual quickly and efficiently by following a few steps!

3. Publish, manage and improve: Track your performance, optimize your results, view your reports… You are in control!

4. Like and Repeat: Create new campaigns based on your previous results with the goal of reaching more customers.

As you can see, this advertising platform aims to be a more “user friendly” and a less expensive approach than the traditional way of doing things, like working with agencies.

Here is an explanatory video 🙂

And here’s a discount, to encourage you to use our advertising platform!

Start today from just $10 a day, plus use this coupon PROMO15 and get 15% off your first campaign in our advertising platform! Do not miss your chance!

For details or simply for assistance in creating your first self-serve advertisement via our advertising platform, please consult our FAQs or contact Alexis Carignan by email at [email protected] or by phone at 1-800 -567-5267 x 128