From an original article by Jenn Larocque

If you’re planning a kitchen renovation soon, here are a few ideas to give a clean, modern edge to the warm and inviting rustic style for the kitchen. This article will give you inspiring ideas to help you fit your kitchen in a modern yet rustic style. This “rustic/industrial” style is gaining popularity and is defined by clean and contemporary lines with rustic elements in moderation to add warmth. Accessories such antiques with simple lines fit in well and with a bit of imagination it’s easy to find items whose clean lines and muted colors will create the statement that you want to achieve. The 6 ideas that follow are grouped into color and complementary textures to serve as a guideline to create your own kitchen and feel free to comment on which combination you prefer.


To warm-up the color scheme combine neutral to dark shades. Accessorize with items that bring nature to mind such as woods and greenery… a style that is often found within chalets… décor moderne rustique As seen below, the modern/rustic style is a combination of old and new, industrial and nostalgic  … cuisine de style moderne rustique

Modern/rustic in white!

Even white can be found in this type of decor. Don’t forget to add wood to the industrial style elements to give a more inviting feeling. A touch of color, such as yellow or green, will pull the look together for a pleasing effect   agencement pour une cuisine moderne rustique en blanc Agencement pour une cuisine moderne rustique en blanc This charming kitchen uses wood for the back splash and the island cuisine moderne rustique en blanc White is symbolic of pureness and perfect balance but be careful not to overdo it because too much white will make the ambiance feel cold cuisine moderne rustique en blanc These unusual wicker light fixtures add an unusual and exotic touch! Lumière en rotin

How about a little red in your modern/rustic kitchen

Touches of red will add energy and warmth through the use of accents and splashes of color. agencement pour un décor moderne rustique avec du rouge A really original idea, wood seating around a red island… cuisine moderne rustique avec îlot rouge Even if red isn’t your favorite color, it pulls the look of these kitchens together and adds a wonderful glow!

cuisine moderne rustique avec îlot en rouge

The calming tranquility of blue …

There are many different options available to create your unique style when working with blue. Whether ocean front, classic, antique or modern blue is a relaxing color that invites serenity. Bringing wood together with pale blues creates a calming decor that ages well and fits with many different accessories. Agencement pour un décor de cuisine moderne rustique en bleu Classic furnishings with industrial accessories create a lovely balance between trendy and relaxed…. cuisine moderne rustique en bleu The feeling you create will depend on the shades of blue that you choose… A bit of advice for the island if you want to retain the  modern/rustic feel whether using light, dark or grey blue it’s best to avoid other “overpowering” colors and to stick with white for the walls and cabinetry. cuisine avec du bleu style moderne rustque

Modern/rustic with a touch of grey!

Grey is soft and calming and it fits well with any color! It is elegant and adds a clean, modern feel to the ambiance…the perfect touch for your modern/rustic decor of which you will never tire! décorer avec du gris pour un style moderne rustique A grey subway tile back splash is a trendy way to add style style moderne rustique avec du gris To give a rustic feel to the room, keep grey for the furnishings and accessorize with antiques, such as the lighting fixtures and seating in aged wood, for a delightful balance between both… décor de cuisine avec du gris, style moderne rustique

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