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chambre de style moderne rustiqueIf the previous article has given you a desire to make-over your bedroom in this trendy style, here are 11 ideas in 18 examples of how to make this look work in the bedroom that combines modern with rustic materials to help get your creative juices flowing! By combining the best of both, modern/rustic imparts an almost industrial style and combines with vintage pieces, interesting prints and the texture of wood to bring everything together to create a surprisingly pleasing ambiance with your own, unique signature!

Relaxing modern/rustic!

A peaceful, little oasis in relaxing, neutral tones with wood furnishings to accent the serenity of the room.   chambre de style moderne rustique

Modern/rustic headboards

chambre de style moderne rustique

Ingenious, inexpensive idea with lots of style!

Here’s an interesting way to use steel pipe to create a unique storage unit with an industrial feel   idées déco pour une chambre moderne rustique

Simply modern and rustic!

If you want to create a relaxing environment in the bedroom with modern/rustic style all you need to start with is a pale backdrop to which you can add interesting decorative touches in the industrial style and wood accent pieces such as furnishings to create the desired look.   idées déco pour une chambre moderne rustique

Bedroom lighting

The choice of lighting is of utmost importance for the bedroom. First, a diffused light is the best if you want to create a calm and relaxing atmosphere. Second, lighting is one of the first things to buy when re-decorating the bedroom because it will be simpler that way and all else will follow. Here are two lovely ideas that enhance the modern/rustic feel.

idées déco pour une chambre moderne rustique


The perfect blend between modern and rustic

This picture shows complete harmony between the two styles as it takes a modern style of the predominantly white bedroom and warms it up with wood accents on the wall and subtle accents. The task lighting over the night stands has a definite industrial feel to flawlessly completes the look and tie everything together.

chambre de style moderne rustique


Night stand in wood

If you’re not sure where to start and you don’t have the desire or the budget to go all out why not check out these two night stands. Each offers a different approach but the main thing to remember is the wood and their small size are what give them their modern/rustic appeal.

chambre de style moderne rustique

Modern/rustic reading corner

A cozy little place to snuggle up and read is always a nice addition, no matter to which bedroom. These two pictures show how the different materials and colors come together to give the room its modern/rustic feel.

idée de décor rustique moderne pour la chambre à coucher


Textured wallpaper in the bedroom

Textured wallpaper is often used to give the rustic feel to the room and it’s the furnishings that take care of the modern part!

idée de décor rustique moderne pour la chambre à coucher

Now that the room is finished, here are a few ideas for accents and furnishings…

idées déco pour une chambre moderne rustique


How about brick in the bedroom?

Along with textured wallpaper to accent a wall why not consider a brick back drop for the contemporary pieces to blend the room into a modern/rustic style…

idée de décor rustique moderne pour la chambre à coucher

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