If you are looking for an affordable semi detached plan with clean, modern lines that offers abundant fenestration to let in a maximum of natural light that is easy on the budget and can be built at an attractive price, look no further than this flexible model.

On the first floor ample windows in front, back and on the side bathe both of the comfortable units in beautiful light. Equally impressive is the generously sized common area/main activities area that groups a nicely sized living room and a dining room with a kitchen that features a practical center island. This versatile design can also be built with the option of a laundry area in the first floor bathroom if this configuration is required because the plans for this variation are included.

The brightly lit basement has many windows and can be built with your choice of either two or three bedroom units and a laundry area in the bathroom if this configuration is better suited to the owner’s needs. Since both floor plans are available in this one design, you can choose the layout that best fits.

This semi-detached model offers a choice and either the two or the three bedroom floor plan and have identical exterior doors and windows, a definite cost advantage.