An guest post by Grace Bailey edited by Deb Villeneuve

When a new house or apartment is made the big furniture is as important as the decorations and the small details, because nothing will look finished without these small things. It is also true that you may give a completely new look to the space when you change the small stuff inside it, instead of refurnishing the whole home from the floor to the ceiling so follow these simple decoration tips for some inspiring ideas.

With the coming of the spring, people get very enthusiastic for changes and would love to have something new and interesting in their houses. If you are doing the scheduled cleaning and you are preparing for the new season, use the chance and add special touches to your place.

In case you find your old cabinets very boring, but you have not planned to change them all just now, you can at least replace some of the doors with glass-front. They will completely change the look of the kitchen and will fresh it up. When you can see through the glass-doors, you will be more motivated to keep the things inside well ordered and thus you will have two positive effects from this change.

When there are many items, spread all over the room, this can never look good. The kitchen is once more the place that will catch the attention with the most stuff that needs to be organized. The stores offer many containers to hold things inside. They do not have to be grey and simple. You can buy very attractive containers, which will make the room look brighter and nicer.

Of course if you want to buy new stuff and change the old ones, feel free to do so. Keep in mind that you do not need to buy huge things. Your living room will look different and beautiful, if you put one small new lamp for example and donate the old to someone.

You can pick some new covers for some of the sofas and chairs in the room. Also add several new pillows in bright colors, which will make your old furniture even more comfortable.

Your walls may look perfectly painted and all, but they still can seem a little empty. This is easy to change with one or two paintings or special souvenirs that will liven up your walls.

In the bedroom you can paint the inside of the lampshades in light pink, thus making the light from the florescent bulbs, that is so annoying, milder and more welcoming. If your bed is situated in the middle of the room, you can add curtains to its sides, to make it more private and cozy.

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