A guest post by Grace Bailey edited by Deb Villeneuve

Living in a dirty or untidy house can really get you down in the dumps, without you even realizing it’s your living environment causing the unhappiness.

Cleaning on a regular basis is the best way to not only keep your house in pristine condition but also give you a bit of a physical and mental workout. It is very easy to allow cleaning chores to build, especially if you work long hours. Spending just a few hours every week can really make a huge impact on how presentable your house appears.

Have a cleaning schedule to keep the cleaning promises to which you have committed to help you keep track of what jobs you’ve completed and what jobs still need doing. Without this process, you may find yourself getting bogged down with ever mounting chores. Having them all laid out in front of you in black and white can assist you manage them and make the whole experience less stressful.

There are always common jobs most people will undertake, these are things like washing up, washing clothes, vacuuming and light dusting. This is fine until you realize most of the other pieces of furniture or carpets or ornaments are getting very grimy. It is a lot harder to clean something once it has months of dirt and dust covering it. If you are a smoker, smooth surfaces can become sticky and coated with fine tar grease and fabrics can absorb unpleasant odors.

When people describe their living conditions as chaotic, they generally mean there are many different items cluttering up their personal space. Having more possessions to make a house pretty is all well and good but it can mean there is more tidying and cleaning to be done. Whenever you use something around your house and get it out from its usual storage place, try to put it back as soon as you are finished with. The more items you forget to put away, the larger the tidying process will be once you decide to undertake it. Spending a couple of minutes storing an item after use can reduce the amount of stress further down the line.

On the market today you will find hundreds of different cleaning products, all offering something better than the last. It can be difficult to decide on what is the best product for your cleaning task. Don’t always assume that the most expensive it the obvious choice, shop around and ask store vendors their opinion on their products. Most vendors will be honest and steer you in the direction of the product which has received good feedback from previous customers. The internet is a good place to find bundle packs for all your cleaning needs at very competitive prices.

Most cleaning product will contain some kind of main ingredient that is responsible for the actual cleaning. For this reason, it is possible to make your own cleaning product using a mixture of water and bleach, or water and bicarbonated soda or baking soda. They help kill bacteria, clean surfaces and remove stains and bad odors  Be very careful to follow all manufacturers’ guidelines when diluting products.

It is important to share out household tasks, unless the other household members are too young or old or physically unable, there is no reason why they shouldn’t help. Even if someone is out all hours of the day at work, by doing small jobs when they get home, they can still contribute to the tidying process and ease the stress of others. Get your children involved as early as possible, getting an older child to start helping all of a sudden can be a tricky task but if you teach them as they are growing up to tidy up after themselves, they will grow up more independent and happy to help out.

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