Inspired by Jennifer Larocque’s original article
In recent years, the trend to decorating with both black and white has not ceased to maintain its popularity and these extremes can create a space that exudes elegance or has the crisp and contemporary look that is perfect in an urban setting. Whatever the mood you want to create, black…spectacular just never seems to go out of fashion
The impact can be used in an abundance of styles whether to add a contemporary feel to bathrooms, bedrooms, foyers, living and dining rooms that marries well with almost any style.
In large or small doses, the multitude of nuances can create an elegant, luminescent, dramatic or chic feeling to the room.

Use the following pictures may give you ideas as inspiration for creating the ambiance that reflects your unique style and the helpful tips will permit you to overcome the pitfalls of a monochromatic look.

a Black on Black atmosphere creates a statement
For those who want a total look with the dramatic statement that can be made when using black on black it’s important to remember that maximizing black to create backdrop and to avoid a heavy, uniform look that can be suffocating and to create a feeling of variety while keeping with the predominance of black, the use of different textures and finishes plays on reflection of light to create subtle yet interesting effects, enhanced with the most subtle touch of color to keep it interesting!