Plan 3507-V2  is a cottage with progressive approach that offers a more comfortable first level by increasing its depth by two feet. The “progressive” design has a uniquely styled floor plan on which the entire living space is concentrated on the main level but which can grow as your needs change because the living space upstairs can accommodate bedrooms or be left unfinished according to the owner’s specific needs.
Following the example of plan 3507, this plan offers the open living area complete with generous fenestration in front and a comfortable bedroom with a 10′ x 2′ closet. Private access to the bathroom, with its laundry area, and a 5′ x 2′ closet at the service entrance along with a second access to the bathroom permit the owners to enjoy all of the conveniences on the same floor.
The progressive approach of this home permits initial construction on a budget, ideal for first time buyers as the staircase accesses the second floor through an insulated door. The second floor can accommodate the addition of extra bedrooms bathroom if required at a later date as the family grows or it can even be designed to accommodate extended family members as a multi-generational home.