A guest post by Grace Bailey edited by Deb Villeneuve


  The eco-friendly way of life can include many activities that we do every day. With a little effort it will be easy to discover how we can protect the nature, the environment and the air, because it is important for our children and for the well being of the planet.
People often think that what is eco-friendly is boring and dull. This is wrong because there are so many items, made from recycled materials, that look very beautiful and can do great job in your house or apartment.
While you are reading articles and you are wondering how you can partially change the looks of your home and make it unique with eco-friendly house decoration, you should not exclude the using of pieces of art and others made from eco-friendly materials.
If you search your home you will find many things that with slight changes can be very interesting and used for decorations, because the first principle of the eco-friendly life is to use one thing over and over or recycle, instead of buying new things, made of expensive row materials and throw them. You will probably find old sheets, which can be cut and transferred to unique curtains for smaller windows like those in the kitchen. They can also be made to pillow shams. You can also sew them and make coverings for small items or even make unique gift bags, which will surely impress the people, you are giving them to.

The natural things can make great decorations. Usually in the autumn people like to collects pine cones and shells as they go to the sea during the summer. They will be brought free in your house and since you have not pay for them, you can use some more luxurious and expensive bowl with nice color and shape, which can make these simple items look like treasure. You can arrange them as you like and put them on smaller and bigger tables, shelves and anywhere you want.

Stones can be very nice decoration in a bowl as well, especially those from the river, because they are very smooth and look beautifully, when are cleaned.
You can fully replace the cut flowers with pots or artificial plants. They are surely not as good as the live ones, but you can make them look fresh and arrange them to match the rest of the room and the house, and you will have nice effect and beautiful place.

Do not stay limited only inside what is written in this article. Free your mind and let your imagination live its own life. Once you do that you will slowly start seeing ideas and items that can be used for house decoration. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on home decoration and Harringay cleaning services.