Anyone who has walked into a room painted in a dull or garish palette knows the power of color. Color intuitively influences our emotions, whether we’re in a soothing spa environment or an electrifying casino. In a garden landscape, color plays an equally powerful role. 

Our color choices can create a garden that is nurturing, romantic, playful, tranquil or exciting.Although you may have heard strict rules from other gardeners, such as “Never plant anything orange,” or “Don’t use blue, purple or red shades in your garden’s bed and borders,” I like to think that any color can fit in a landscape.

Color is highly subjective, and since it’s so personal, you can design, plant and decorate your landscape with your favorites. Let’s follow the rainbow — and lessons from the color wheel — to make color choices that establish a mood, infuse energy or define a theme in an outdoor setting.Perhaps you’ll see new possibilities for your landscape.

Follow this Houzz slideshow for a primer on the use of color in your garden!