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So, I have to admit… I am addicted to the concept of all things home related. It is not only about decor. It is all about the entire building from the inside out. Building techniques, energy efficiency, building innovations, landscaping, decor… every detail! A perfect day for me consists of fabulous coffee, a  mountain of building and decorating magazines, background noise Bryan Baeumler, Sarah Richardson, HouseHunters International or one of the many other home improvement or real estate programs to keep an ear on what is trending. Of course, my computer is close at hand and Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook are always open, as well as several other browser sessions.

It was on one of my “perfect days” when a product featured on “The House of Bryan – On the Rocks” caught my attention. The little vacation getaway being built by Bryan Baeumler features a decking product that I was unfamiliar with. “Perennial Wood”, gets back to the basics of real wood that is dimensionally stable, decay resistant and proposed to last at least five times as long as pressure-treated lumber or cedar and last at least as long as the higher-end manmade deck surfacing products.

Looks like wood, because it IS wood – Perennial Wood deck

According to a TimeNews article from the floor of the International Builders’ Show in Orlando, Florida earlier this year: 

Baeumler said he decided to serve as spokesman for the new product after seeing samples of it last year.

“The product is something that the market has been waiting for, and as a builder and a carpenter, it was an exciting concept and a product that we wanted to get involved with,” said Baeumler, who recently toured the manufacturing process at the Kingsport plant.

“There have been lots of lumber-alternative products, but people at the end of the day — especially carpenters and homeowners — they like wood. It’s been a basic building block in our communities for millennia. We’ve kind of slowly taken the shift away from it, and now we’re back to it, because now we have a product that will outperform a manmade product.”

This short video is a great explanation of how Eastman creates this unique product.


Source: via Drummond on Pinterest


For further information, you can also visit the Perennial Wood company website.

I’ve searched high and low for a Canadian source for this product and to date, have not found anyone carrying the product.

It will initially be sold in approximately 100 Lowe’s Home Improvement stores in the US Northeast.

I can hardly wait to see this product in person. There are many applications where nothing short of the look of real wood will do. Now I only need to choose a project…


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