In the past weeks, we got a few comments from our customers who dealt with our Customer Service staff, especialy Jessica and Martin from our Customization service.  I am more than pleased to put them on our company blog!

“Hi Jessica

We got our plans yesterday, thank you! We are very satisfied with your service. You and Martin were always very friendly and so
professional and delivered right on time! Thank you very much. You are outstanding!!

Thank you again. Kind regards,   Elke”


And also this one:

“Hi Jessica,

I received the plans about 11 a.m. today and have had a good look at them.  I am taking some to the contractor tomorrow.  We will not be starting until the Spring but hope the get the building permit before the end of the year.

I wanted to thank you, Martin and the technician for all your hard work.  You made the process pleasant, quick and interesting.  I thank you very much.  The idea of building a house is intimidating but you have made creating the space a pleasure.

Many thanks,


I always believed that the customer testimonies were the best marketing tools for a company!  Thanks to Jennifer and Elke for theuir good words and also, a huge thank you to Martin and Jessica to take good care of our precious customers!

We really appreciate you all!