Are you following DrummondHousePlans on Twitter? 

Many people give me a blank stare when I ask this question, so I thought it would be a good time to share why we are using Twitter. Rest assured, we do not want to bore you with the personal details of our lives and eating habits as is often done by individuals and celebrities. Rather, the goal of our “Twitter feed” is to provide information that may be of value to you. The information we share is focused on topics pertaining to the building industry – design updates, maintenance tips, real-estate statistics and news, and building materials news and reviews. 

What is Twitter? 

Twitter is many things to many people and has many possibilities based on how you use it. The essence of Twitter is a micro-blog – a platform to share information in very condensed posts (a mere 140 characters!) Put simply, Twitter is social messaging with the ability to follow people and have followers on your computer or smartphone. It is a great tool for quickly fanning out a message whether you are out on the town and want to coordinate where to meet with a group, or wanting to keep a team of people informed of developments at a company-sponsored event. News agencies have also been quick to adopt Twitter. They are able to share headlines virtually as things happen. Another benefit of being on Twitter is the ability to network on a given topic by searching Twitter for key words. 

In Twitter, brevity is key. Posts on Twitter are often an introduction to other information – interesting news stories, blog posts, or other information. You can choose which posts you wish to follow for more information.

 At this time, DrummondHousePlans has three Twitter Feeds, one corporate and two regional:

This is our corporate feed and news items of national interest will be included here. This will include items pertaining to the building industry, changes in national building code, product spotlights, design ideas, decorating ideas and more.

This is our Western feed and may contain some duplicate posts from our corporate feed and also posts of regional interest. The editor of the feed is our Western Distributor  in British Columbia. Western Canada housing topics and news will be covered here.

This is our French Twitter feed. This Twitter Feed includes posts of regional relevance to Quebec including local architecture, businesses and services.

We invite you to visit our Twitter Feeds regularly for updates or better yet, sign up for Twitter and follow us! Also, feel free to share any topics you would like to see more information on. 

For further reading about Twitter, visit the WebTrends in About.Com