Knowledge and maintenance are key to ensuring that the value of the home is protected. The roof is the first line of defence in protecting your investment.

Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) district manager for the Greater Toronto Area,  Mark Salerno writes:

Keeping your roof in good repair can help protect the structure and finishes of your house from damage. If your roof needs replacing, a properly installed new roof can provide years of protection for your home.

However, before you decide to replace your roof, take some time to do an assessment of your roof’s current condition. Look for shingles that are worn, cupped, curled, missing or damaged. Check to see that the roof ridge appears straight and the roof surface is uniform, without any sags or dips.

If you have a flat roof, check for areas where water pools.

Next, examine the roof for leaky or damaged vents or flashing, especially around the chimney. If damaged or worn-out roofing is not repaired or replaced, you will run the risk of also having to replace rotten sheathing, fascia or structural members.

DIY, or hire professionals? Read more on maintenance and how to get more information from the CMHC…

Source: Edmonton Sun – June 5, 2010 “Time for a new roof?” by author – Mark Salerno

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