For the majority of people, a greener Christmas involves a lack of snow on December 25th!  A greener Christmas in this case would mean lesser garbage and energy saving.

It is well known that the Christmas season encourages more waste.  More shopping usually involves more bags, boxes and paper. 
Do you shop with your reusable bags this year?  Yes yes, the ones you most often forget at home, or realize you left in your car when it’s too late!  Using them not only for grocery shopping really helps reduce the consumption of plastic bags likely to end up in the waste bin!

What about gift wrapping?  Why not recycle it?  Or for example,  use brown paper and decorate it using things you already have at home.  Many gifts do not require wrapping such as, sport event tickets or a homemade dinner!  How about gift certificates?  Some even say that “re-gifting” is ok….

Sending Christmas cards?  Why not do it using the web this year?  The message will get to your loved ones rapidly, and no paper will be wasted in the end.

There exists so many different ways to be more earth friendly during the Holidays, that everyone can find something that suit them.  Some may wish to one or many things to reduce their consumption during the Holidays.  I for one think that if everyone chose one thing to do out of the many suggestions out there, our planet would be a little better off for the start of the new year!

Another great site to visit for more tips is Earth Easy.  Get out there and be creative!