It is well known that many of us have a tendency to way till the last minute to finish our Xmas shopping and preparations.  If you are anything like me, you’re the type to wait until the 24 and 31st of December to go to the SAQ for last minute purchases.  Well, needless to say that it’s the ideal place to go, specifically on those days, should you want to “test” your patience!

My intentions are quite different this year.  I intend to take care of things without waiting at the last minute, and my new moto this year is “make it simple”.  And to help me this year, I found an excellent site that’s going to really help me out.  It is called Organized Christmas.  It is most wonderful and I strongly encourage you to go directly to it and start your planning!

From baking, refrigerator cleaning, sending Christmas cards, to wardrobe!  Nothing seems to have been left out! 

A really excellent way make sure you arrive on Christmas at the same time as everybody else!