Traditional shower heads consume about 14 liters per minute with some even reaching 20 liters.  The flow of eco-energetic shower heads is somewhere around 5 liters a minute with some allowing for adjustments from 3.8 liters to 9.5 liters.

Most models use less water and energy without reducing pressure.  Savings of approximately 15% on the cost of heating water and a reduction of 30% of shower water consumed can be obtained.

Additional savings can be had if the shower head is equipped with a stop flow button to temporarily stop the flow while soaping up or shampooing.  Rinsing can then resume at the same flow and temperature as before.

On average, a family of four uses 460 liters daily.  If a shower head with a flow of 9.5 liters is used, savings of 150 liters a day are possible, that’s 55,000 liters a year.  With a 5 liter model, savings would be 275 liters; that’s twice as much and an impressive annual reduction of 100,000 liters!

According to Statistics Canada, in 2005, 60% of Canadian households claimed they used water saver shower heads, while only 42% did in 1994.

Those who own wells and septic installations will also benefit of a savings in electricity as pumps will work less.  (Source:  OEE Natural Resources Canada)

Source:  Le Guide des options écolos, APCHQ