I know, you’re saying to yourself that it’s much too soon to be talking about snow, and to this I would say that you are quite right (although we have already seen snow…).  Nevertheless, the month of October is just the time to be thinking of renewing your snow removal contract or even to replace your shovel by a good snow removal contractor in order to save your back or other parts!

The “good” contractor is not necessarily the one who clears your driveway the most efficiently, but also the one who is easy to reach and is on the job when he’s needed most!  There’s nothing more frustrating than to step out for work in the morning and realize that no one has made a passageway.  Even more frustrating is to realize afterwards that the majority of your neighbors have already had a visit from their contractor!

With the enormous amounts of snow we experienced during the winter of 2007-2008 and with the hikes in gasoline, rates have gone up 10 to 30%.  A web article from CAA Habitation mentions that more and more contractors are also setting a limit to the number of centimeters removed for one winter which, up until now, was rare in residential snow removal.  Above that limit and you will be charged additional fees.

The importance of shopping around becomes capital.  I would suggest you read these tips and recommendations carefully before making your choice.

With this, I wish you a great winter and hopefully its arrival will wait until at least after Halloween