Colours again?  Who can blame me especially on a day like this?  Ice pellets, snow, wind!  Gray and white are the only colours I’m seeing through my window today…..  Even the parked cars this morning are all grey and black in colour.

But what are the colour trends this year? Is there any pizzazz to look forward to? Perhaps the following can help you to get started in some choices you may want to make should you have chosen to remodel.

 Benjamin Moore has a nice way of presenting the 2008 trends on their website naming them Modern Tranquility, Organic Comfort and Pure Opulence.  Of course, it’s not because it’s trendy that it’s necessarily tasteful…

Sico on the other hand speaks of Mysterious, dark looks, Punch colours, Sico’s mushroom collection, and also Sico neutrals.  I particularly like Sico’s website for all the other sections.  For example, they have a Feng Shui colours section with precious information and other links.  Some of you will also delight with their  Colour Fan Club.  

There is much out there to give good ideas and uplift the spirits.  I for one am seriously looking forward to giving a little red touch to my kitchen!