February can be a long and sometimes depressing month for some people.  It can be quite a grim month where as in March, we finally get a glimpse of milder weather and temperature.  Thank God February has only 29 days this year!

Using one’s creativity has long been proven to be a method that is helpful in chasing away the blues.  And speaking of  creativity, why not start that remodelling project you’ve been thinking of for so long?  Or why not start looking at colors you may want to change in your home?

This exercise can be very beneficial and healthy.  It is even said to be healing.  Here is what Cricket Demarais states in an article written about “Letting Color heal you“:

Lack of Color Causes Depression

How we “feel” about color is more than psychological. The last decade has proven that lack of color, or more specifically, light, causes millions to suffer each winter from a mild depression known as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Because of the complex way in which exposure to various colors acts via the brain upon the autonomic nervous system, exposure to a specific color can even alter physiological measurements such as blood pressure, electrical skin resistance and glandular functions in your body. And they most certainly can affect how you feel on a day-to-day basis. Learning about color’s qualities and putting it to use can enhance your spirit, improve your health, and quite ultimately, expand your consciousness.

 You may also get a glimpse on the different meanings and symbolisms of colours.  Here is relatively good web site that talks about it: http://www.squidoo.com/colorexpert.

 Finally, another handy way to sweep away the winter blues is to surf the net in search of ideas and inspiration for remodelling projects, ideas and tips.  Here are  just a few I found: