Romantic suggestions for Valentine’s 2017

Romantic suggestions for Valentine’s 2017

As Valentin’s day approaches and if you are looking for ideas to surprise your partner you’re at the right place. You really don’t need to buy an expensive present to please your beloved…it’s often the smallest of attentions that make a person the happiest and that are remembered the longest. Even if you’re not the best cook or the handiest person you can shine in the eyes of your loved one and this article will help you with romantic suggestions for Valentine’s 2017.

In my opinion, it is my firm belief that the men reading this article should under no circumstances listen to their girlfriends! If she says not to buy presents she will buy you one and if she says that she doesn’t want flowers she wants flowers, if she says that she doesn’t want you to do anything special for Valentine’s day she is lying. Surprise her with what she says she doesn’t want and you will be pleased to see how appreciative she will be!

Ne l'écoutez pas


1. message of love

Originality is the key and something made with your own loving hands can’t fail!

14 idées romantiques à faire pour la st-valentin

14 idées romantiques à faire pour la st-valentin

2. Heart shaped

Why not expose your hidden talents in the kitchen? It’s simple enough and doesn’t cost a lot and this heart warming kind of attention is the kind of thing that I prefer above all…

Cuisiner pour la st-valentin

Some cardboard, a crayon, two elastic bands, a hard boiled egg and voila!!!!

St-valentin 2015

A few heart shaped, strawberry brochettes are sure to please!!!

Cuisiner pour la st-valentin

Heart shaped, rosemary potatoes are a nice touch and your originality is sure to be appreciated.

Patate déjeuner pour la st-valentin

3. Pancake surprises

Heart shaped strawberry pancakes are a classic.

Déjeuner pour la st-valentin

Déjeuner pour la st-valentin


1. Creating the ambiance

Surprise your beloved with a cozy, romantic supper. Avoid the dining room, opting for a relaxing little corner near the fireplace, in the living room, the bedroom or the bathroom!!

Souper sur le bord du feu / idées pour la st-valentinSurprise romantique pour la st-valentin

2. Keep the drinks orinial !

Simple, original, inexpensive, delicious and sure to please !

Drink romantique pour la St-valentin

3. A perfect entree …

Even if you can’t make your own sushi you can always add a personal touch to store bought !

Cuisiner pour la st-valentin

This little entree has shrimp, cherry tomatoes, and cheese on a bed of seasoned salad !

Cuisiner pour la st-valentin

4. The long awaited supper

Keep it simple to avoid problems! If you like pizza how about a heart shaped pizza to charm that special someone?

La pizza de l'amour


1. Chocolate strawberries

Who doesn’t like strawberries dipped in chocolate? This little treat is sure to please, especially if you made them youself!!

Champagne et fraises chocolatées

Why not add a little touch of originality?

14 idées romantiques à faire pour la st-valentin

2. A special brochette

The more I write, the hungrier I am getting…a perfect mix of strawberries, brownies, marshmallows and chocolate syrup!!

Cuisiner pour la st-valentin

3. A simple gift that she will love

This may sound wierd but it’s the kind of attention that will keep the love alive because it’s the kind of thing that shows that you know what  the person likes.

Surprise romantique pour la st-valentin


1. Post-it : simple and romantic

A bunch of messages on each of which is a quality or other trait that makes this person irresistible to you – what a perfect way to give the gift of a better day!!

Surprise romantique pour la st-valentin

Surprise romantique pour la st-valentin

2. Breakfast in bed

How about a simple breakfast in bed for your love…a perfect way to show how much you care….

14 idées romantiques à faire pour la st-valentin

3. A colorful awakening

Surprise with color, an excellent way to put a smile on their lips!

14 idées romantiques à faire pour la st-valentin

I hope that you are inspired! Please share your comments and ideas with me…


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  1. Eva at 9 h 43 min

    I like the heart-shaped pizza most! I’m planning to take my boy to a concert on Valentine’s day this year. One of my favourite band is performing on 14.02. My boyfriend doesn’t like it so much, but I do. haha

  2. Chelsea Hobbs at 7 h 48 min

    Oh, everything looks just fabulous! Great ideas, Jennifer! I hope to have a fancy breakfast on Valentine’s day but my fiancé always wakes up after me 🙁

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