Our Copyright infringers Black Book continues !…

The web business is a fascinating universe.  Sometimes, it helps you to find something quicker than you never thought before.  And sometimes, you find some things that you really don’t want to find!…

Here are few examples:








These companies are part of what I call the “Drummond House Plans – Black book“.  They make the customer think that they represent us or that they act legally with us but it is not true at all.  They use our designs and company image to promote their own company which is illegal and deceitful.  I think our Romanian friends need to know with whom they are dealing with!…

These companies must buy a licence to use our designs on their website.  They are doing what we call Copyright Infringements, which is illegal.  We have contact with legal advisors in Romania and will see what we will do with them.  So, here is my advice:

“Aceste companii folosesc imaginea noastră în mod ilegal. Nu cumpara aceste societăţi!”  Which means, thanks to Google Translate, “These companies use our image illegally.  Do not buy from them.”

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Businessman, blogger and speaker, Yves Carignan chairs and directs Drummond House Plans since 2002 with his wife and partner Marie-France Roger.

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