Green Homes – Great Video featuring a friend !

A few days ago, I got and e-mail from a friend in Alabama, Architect Bob Chatham from Chantham Design Group, who featured in a very interesting TV episode from Dany Lipford.

The video will explain you the details of a green house and also how you can be greener in your existing home ! 

Congratulations to Bob who designed the featured house of this video.  The Fairhope Green Home Project is the first house in the state to receive Gold Certification from the National Association of Home Builders Green Building Program

Remember one thing if you build green,  this type of construction is a real team work !

Enjoy !

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  1. Bob Chatham at 10 h 03 min

    Thanks Yves for passing this along.

    The interest in building green seems to be growing by the day. We’re excited about Professional Builder choosing to feature the fairhope green home project in their upcomig August issue.

    We’re always interested in seeing your latest designs.

  2. Yves Carignan at 13 h 05 min

    You are more than welcome Bob !

    As I mentioned to many people around me, some design firms are competitors but most of them are friends !!! You are on the top 5 of our list !

    Have a great summer !


  3. Eden at 18 h 32 min

    Beautiful! Nowadays, most people are becoming environmental – conscious and they are going organic. Hope to see more in the near future!

  4. Rebecca Stoeffler at 0 h 33 min

    I came to your post when I was looking for details on kitchen tools. While it isn’t just what I was seeking, I enjoyed reading through your post. Will bookmark to return and read later on. Funny how Yahoo works…

  5. James | Housing Consulting at 20 h 38 min

    Thanks so much for this great link and video, I know everyone is trying to do their bit to go green and this is just perfect information. I know that it is going to help me out so much.

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