In this article, you will find everything you need to know about the Italian shower.

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What is an Italian shower?

An Italian shower is a type of shower that is very popular in modern homes. It is also known as a walk-in shower or a European shower.

Unlike traditional showers that have a step, a bathtub, or an acrylic base, for example, the Italian shower is flush with the floor, giving it a more elegant and modern look.

Advantages of an Italian shower

The Italian shower often has a central drain, allowing water to flow more easily.

It is also often designed with ceramic or natural stone tiles, giving it a luxurious and elegant appearance.

One of the advantages of an Italian shower is that it can make your bathroom look bigger due to its seamless integration with the main floor.

It also makes it more accessible, as there is no step or bathtub, making it easier and safer to move around. This makes it a popular choice for the elderly, people with reduced mobility, or families with young children.

The Italian shower is also very easy to clean. As there are no corners or crevices where water can stagnate, it is easier to maintain a clean and hygienic shower. Additionally, ceramic or natural stone tiles are often water and stain-resistant, making them more durable and easier to keep clean than traditional plastic or acrylic showers.


Building and cost of an Italian shower

In terms of construction, an Italian shower can be made of ceramic, natural stone, or other materials. It is important to note that installing an Italian shower can be more expensive than a traditional shower due to the need to create a slope for water drainage towards the drain.

Ultimately, choosing an Italian shower depends on your personal preferences in terms of style, functionality, and cost. If you are looking to modernize your bathroom and are willing to invest a little more, an Italian shower could be an excellent choice.

Italian showers are considered more expensive than other types of showers for several reasons. Firstly, designing an Italian shower requires meticulous planning and professional installation. The materials needed to build an Italian shower are often more expensive than those used for other types of showers. Ceramic, stone, or marble tiles are often used for the walls and floor of the shower, and they can cost more than the porcelain or ceramic tiles used in traditional showers.

In addition, Italian showers often require more complex plumbing installation to properly drain the water. This can result in additional costs for installing appropriate conduits and drains. In addition, Italian showers often have additional features such as massage jets and multiple showerheads, which can further increase the total cost.

However, despite their high cost, Italian showers are highly regarded for their elegant appearance and functionality. They can also add value to a home by improving the aesthetics of the bathroom. For those looking to invest in their homes, an Italian shower can be a wise choice, even if it is more expensive than other types of showers.

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