Affordable DIY decoration and storage ideas for your fist home


Are you in the process of moving into your new home or apartment soon? Or perhaps you are simply looking to do a little remodeling to your existing living space? Like many of us, we often have remodeling “cravings” but not necessarily the budget to do so. The good news is that you will find a variety of affordable DIY ideas for redecorating and storage at very convenient prices. The best news of all is that you can all do it yourself!

Do it yourself decorating, or as we like to say affordable DIY, is more and more popular. DIY projects are perfect for those who wish to get a little crafty. They are also great for those looking to reorganize or embellish student headquarters for example or even small apartments without having to spend a fortune.


Wooden Crates

Having also become very popular, wooden crates are in big demand. In addition to being practical and affordable, they offer great furniture possibilities such as piling them up to make a nightstand, or a small shelf that can even be fixed to a wall. They are very practical and offer non expensive extra storage.

affordable DIY wood crates


Wooden crates, Ikea $14 / Paint, Ikea $6.99

DIY wood crates 

affordable DIY for the bathroom

DIY foyer



Affordable DIY Kitchen decoration and reorganisation

Here is a remarkable idea to add a decorative touch to your kitchen

affordable DIY projects with ikea


Support bar, Ikea $9.99 / Hook, Ikea $4.99 / Spice rack (white), Ikea $14.99 / Strainer (white), Ikea $6.99 / Artificial plants, Ikea $6.99 / Wooden utensil, Leif

ikea affordable DIY for the kitchen

Adding warmth to you living space: indoor mini lights

In addition to being inexpensive, these little lights add a warm and cozy ambiance that gives the impression of being in a totally new room! An investment of more or less $12 and you’ve given a completely different feel to the room.

Clear mini lights, Canadian Tire $9.99 / Screw hooks, Canadian Tire $0.99

DIY apartment

Affordable DIY decoration ideas with frames

This is a really great idea and so simple! All you need to do is go out and buy a few frames, print or purchase a few of your favorite images or illustrations, add them to your frames and bingo! This idea is sure to add some color and life and to your apartment. Here are some ideas to inspire you.

DIY frames


Set of 6 frames, Walmart $9 / Illustrations, Society 6  

afforable DIY frames afforable deco



Wall storage

These simple wall shelves will be sure to create a trendy look in any room. A $40 well spent and as a bonus will help you to better organize your personal belongings.

IKEA storage

White shelf, Ikea $9.99 / Console (??), Ikea $2.50

affordable DIY decor

Cutting board, Ikea $9 / White candles, Dollorama $3

affordable DIY organization

Medium white box, Ikea $3.99 / Small black box, Ikea $2.99 / Magasine holder, Ikea $5.99

office organization home office organization


Organize and decorate

I am sure that all of you have a few of the items shown below. It’s now up to you to organize your kitchen and give it a stylish environment, as well as an organized feel that you will enjoy for under $40. Let me give you a few pointers to help and encourage you to straighten out those pesky cupboards…

affordable DIY organization for the kitchen

  DIY kitchen DIY kitchen jar

AFFORDABLE DIY CANDLES : Making your own candles

Here is one of my favorite DIY projects! Candles can be very expensive and we often pay way too much for them. Why not spend an afternoon making your own? All you will need is a double boiler, a few vases and cube wax. Personally I love making my own. It’s super simple and it makes me appreciate my candles even more!
affordable DIY decorations : how to make candles

diy candles
Pots, glasses, vases, / $2 – $6 at Ikea and Walmart / Candle wax, Michaels $15 – $20








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