Do you enjoy wine and dream of the day when you have your very own wine cellar in which to store wine at home ? If you have a little room that you would like to tidy up you can make it a reality for less than you think. A little DIY savvy and a few weekends could give you the result of your dreams!

This article will help you discover ideas and the inspiration to turn a small area of your home into the ideal place for your future wine cellar. Whether in a cedar closet, a cold room, a pantry or extra closet you can find the perfect place for storing wine in a home wine cellar!

 From closet to wine cellar

Even if you don’t have a basement in which to house your wine cellar you can use a hall closet on the main floor. The following two pictures illustrate the idea…elegant, simple and well organized they offer a budget friendly alternative to the larger version without the expense of a full sized wine cellar.


A home mini bar

Host your guests in style with an inviting home mini bar. Putting the prettiest bottles on display and decorating with a nostalgic twist along with a wine fridge to keep things cool is sure to be a hit and to keep them coming!


Part of the decor

If space is not available why not opt for an integrated solution to keep bottles close at hand in the kitchen. There are many options that can add a decorative touch…

Simple et encastré

Glass cellar doors…a classic choice!

If you’re going to go all out with a major renovation to add a wine cellar to your home, whether classic or contemporary, large glass doors are the perfect finishing touch to let light through while showing off your collection…you won’t regret it!

PetitCoin ÉlantDeModernité

A room for your wine!

Classic wood tones impart an elegant cachet


Arranging your collection

Organize the space with sophistication and stay within neutral and warm wood tones. Avoid too much light as the least amount is indispensable to conserving your wine. Subdued lighting is sufficient to create an ambiance so let your taste decide!



Contemporary style to complement your decor

A custom designed wine cellar that enhances a modern decor could be perfect for your home. Whether a whole wall or built in under the stairs it will be a beautiful addition to your living space!


Larger budget…go authentic!

If you’re dreaming of an authentic Italian wine cellar go with brick, stone, aged wood and barrels to create the look. You don’t need an excessively large space to as long as you pay attention to the details.


Wine cellar with room to enjoy it!

If you really love your wine, why not create a room in which to both view and enjoy your collection? A traditional style will offer a warm and welcoming ambiance the a library style ladder will bring a touch of luxury to your home wine cellar while giving convenient access to the bottles higher up!


I hope that you are inspired and would love to see pictures of your own home wine cellar

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