Trending this year, banquet seating can be found on many sites and this article will share its brilliant ideas with banquet seating to give warmth and coziness. Through 16 inspiring pictures to give you ideas for your own project form modern to traditional an country to industrial there is sure to be a way for you to add this touch of style to your home.


Simple, modern & comfortable

This beautiful bench seating in neutral tones below the window wall is simple and modern

Capture d’écran 2014-10-29 à 15.27.56Capture d’écran 2014-10-29 à 15.28.38

 Warm and cozy breakfast nook

Colorful accessories give a touch of freshness to this delightful breakfast nook. Below industrial meets country style and both provide the perfect setting for a banquet!


Un coin déjeuner familiale et chaleureux

Banquette cuisine

Traditional corner banquet

Traditional style simple form and rounded corners will always be a classic. By keeping the focus on primary style you will be sure not to be disappointed.

Banquette en coin traditionnelleBanquette en coin traditionnelle, décor chaleureux

banquette cuisine

A dynamic dining area

If you want to punch the ambiance with color and influence the proportions of your space look for bright colors that pop and contrast them with white. You can also experiment with other complementary colors to create a feeling that expresses what you want…like the pink and blue of the second picture below


Banquette colorée pour salle à manger tout en blanc

Banquette colorée


Country charm, rustic and so elegant

Create a warm and welcoming ambiance by bringing together old and new, industrial and vintage…like the materials used in the pictures below combine antique picture frames with sleek, modern lines all in neutral and contrasting shades.


banquette cuisine rustique Banquette élégante de style industriel rustique

Moderne, rustique, industrielle, banquette


Change the seating and dare to try new things!

Soften the modern with a touch of vintage as with this sofa style banquet against a stark, chrome pedestal table and Eames style chairs. By breaking from tradition and experimenting with larger size, different styles and textures you will enhance your environment with a personal touch!

 Formes sympathiques pour une banquette à la maison

Industrial bench seating

If you’re into vintage and industrial don’t hesitate to blend the two using antique wood and modern lines along with other traditional materials. The colder industrial style in neutral tones serves as the perfect back drop for warmer materials and colors found in vintage pieces that are sure to add interest to your dining room.

Banquette de style industrielle

Banquette industrielle fluo


Although we have been hearing a lot about modern-rustic don’t forget about the charm of country-rustic style. A blend of antiques, natural materials and country warmth in an abundance of neutral earth tones that can be added with stools and round shapes that imitate nature…what a lovely way to enjoy your morning coffee!

Ameublement champêtre rustique

A solarium breakfast nook

Take advantage of this space for a lovely breakfast nook and behold natures spectacle just beyond the windows not to mention the abundance of natural light that is sure to be a wonderful addition to the short, dark days of winter.

Capture d’écran 2014-10-22 à 10.37.26 5911cfd5522061c6a61f9be8425aee81Capture d’écran 2014-10-22 à 10.36.39