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A guest post by Damian Wolf  –  edited by Deb Villeneuve

It is highly unusual for someone to start with planning work on the house during fall, and even more unusual to do some remodeling in the winter.
Why to do so?…
As a matter of fact, there are a few pretty good reasons to renovate in winter and the strong arguments in favor of this approach which are worth considering. For example, do you wish to pay extra during summer, or to have quality job done, for a lower price?
You should “think outside the box” and consider this alternative.

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One of the biggest considerations to take into account is how much money will remodeling cost you. During spring and summer, it is natural that prices for which you hire contractors are going to go up because it is peak season and their services are in the greatest demand. This article is advising you to take different approach because of this as many companies that perform this kind of work usually don’t have as many jobs during winter, so you can probably find a suitable one that is short on orders and may even offer a lower price to keep you as a customer.
Although this is a great way to keep extra money in your pocket, and in return provide much needed work for an average worker, you may not want to plan your project during the holidays even if it is possible for contractor, because you probably don’t want to spend this special time of the year tripping over tools and cords!


You can take extra time to plan on what you wish to be done. There is no need to rush, so maybe something important won’t be overlooked. Also, prices of material during summer and spring are higher in general, as opposed to fall and winter when demand is inevitably lower. This may even permit you to save enough money to do something else… a prospect that might have been impossible to do with the summer budget. The contractor also benefits from the extra time available for extra preparations if necessary and will have time to plan together with you for a future project, sharing invaluable advice and the benefit of experience to ensure. The result is that you will have a quality work done, and the contractor will build up their reputation for doing top-notch work and it may even give you a chance to benefit from the contractors’ opinion and advice from which to develop your ideas.

Amount of work

You on the other hand are somewhat limited concerning the type of work you can perform. If the winter in your city is mild, outside painting is may be possible, but it’s usually better to avoid this kind of undertaking. Instead, you may completely rework your kitchen, basement or bathroom, depending on your plans and available power tools you own. Even the attic can be an option, providing that the roof is in good condition, and it doesn’t require interventions. Another plus is that the contractor will not be under pressure to finish the job as fast as possible in order to take another one; therefore the quality of work itself will be higher, due to the fact that more time and care is invested in process. In addition to this, possibility of something being overlooked is reduced, so level of general safety is increased too.


There are numerous ways to seal off part of the house where the work is in progress. Curtains and fans with negative pressure among other things, will keep dust, fumes and debris within the work zone, without influencing the rest of the house. Also, during winter there are no mosquitoes or flies that can find themselves in the house, so the work itself will be easier and more comfortable for workers. These people are professionals and can do their job without excessively disturbing either you or your family. In addition, if you are planning to go on a ski trip, you can schedule the work to be done in that time frame if this is a situation that you are comfortable with.

Taking everything into consideration, there are no obstacles to performing some work on your home this very season. You will only benefit from this kind of approach, and most important, next spring you will welcome without worries and thoughts on what needs to be done, but rather in renewed, fresh home, that will provide you with incredible feeling of joy.

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