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A guest post from Mark Brandon, edited by Deb Villeneuve

Mark has generously shared these informative home landscaping ideas using ornamental plants to enhance your space and create stunning curb appeal. You too can have your own breathtaking oasis that will be a pleasure to enjoy during the warmer months. Even if you live in a colder area where winter prevents you from spending time in the garden, it’s never too early to plan for next summer…



When it comes to exterior decorating, ornamental plants may never go out of style as seen how these have been featured in the most luxurious homes, both today and in the past. Is your own yard looking a bit barren lately with the bare brown earth? Whether your architect created a grand or simple house plan for you, there is always more room for a bit of beautification and one of the easiest ways to do this is with the use of ornamental plants. Here are some ideas that will let you transform your own home.t





How to Use Ornamental Plants in Landscaping





  1. Create a color splash. Instead of using pure greens or just one color of flowers, you can combine several colors and group them together just like this one from Plusroom. But instead of randomly tossing them together, notice how the landscape designer carefully placed the plants in such a way that the colors blend together so that colors will either create strong warmth or a subdued fiery atmosphere?



  1. Make a Japanese garden. The Japanese garden is a meditative space that’s both relaxing and gives homeowners a space that they can proudly show to their guests. It’s popular for its use of white stones, but modern landscaping design sometimes diverts from this, and makes use of other design elements like bonsai plants such as this one from Dekrisdesign.



  1. Line up against bare wall. If the house has dark walls, this is a great backdrop for huge flowers like hydrangea as shown in Greenmuze Home Inspiration. Using flowers together with the ornamental grass made the space look even dreamier. This would work well too if you use other colors such as blue, pale pink or yellow.


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image017 Mark Brandon has been in the home inspection business for several years now, allowing him to see some of the most beautiful houses in the area that he services. He is interested in interior and exterior decorating, sharing some of his personal ideas at Safe and Sound Property Inspections and in websites such as this one. 


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