If you want to make a change to your living room decor or to make a statement in your new home, we have something in common! Here is an article in which you will find some simply elegant decorating ideas if you like comfortable blankets, cushions and patterns. As well as being an inexpensive way to decorate, using cushions and other such touches are an efficient way to improve the decor.

Everything does not necessarily have to match in the traditional sense… for example you can match your favorite patterns and prints with lines, flowers, checks, knits, tye dye or washed out fabrics or even animal skin patterns. Why not combine your favorites to create a unique style. By starting out with a foundation idea and grouping accessories around this theme it will be easier to bring in neutral or earthy colors and textures of furniture to pull the whole thing together… check out the picture below to get an idea of the concept.


The bedroom and the living room are always first when looking for comfort and relaxation. This is why it’s important to create a soothing visual balance in these spaces. Go for timeless  basics and decorate with trendy and original accessories in a variety of colors to spice up the look and let your personal style shine through. White is always a sure bet in any type of setting and will lend itself well to changes you might want to make to freshen-up the decor.

Black, white and grey motif

A hint… remain in the same shades as the sofa, nuances of the strong color will fit in marvelously with this look

Motifs répétitifs

Add style with a simple coat of paint

Don’t hesitate to pile things onto the sofa. A large variety of shades, shapes and patterns will add energy and a welcoming touch to the room

bohème & artistique

Wool cushions make a statement

The warm, comforting feeling of wool can add to your relaxation when you need to lay back and unwind

coussins de laine

 Bring pictures and textiles together

Matching frames to cushions will create harmony but be careful as fitting the two does non necessarily mean duplication of the pattern or style. Keep it subtle as all you really need is a touch of similarity, like color for example, to pull it off…

Vieux Cadre

Add warmth by combining grey with wood

Just as grey is a trendy color at the moment you can combine it with the warmth of natural wood and other textures to make your living room even more inviting. If you want to keep the look low key, choose more subdued textiles and opt for relaxing colors like pale or pastels to contrast with stronger, more vibrant shades.


Vary geometric forms with other shapes

A simple yet effective way to add a touch of originality to the space is by playing with shapes and adding geometric forms. Cushions, carpets and other accessories lend themselves well to this concept without overpowering the room to keep the cozy feeling.


Don’t skimp on size!

By using original and pleasing shapes you can create a more inviting space. A clean, black and white room benefits from a touch of unexpected shape in the form of stripes, circles or large, oversize cushions to make a statement


hope you like it !

now start decorating 🙂

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