Tiny Homes’ Press release

Drummondville, October 6th, 2014—The management of Drummond House Plans, a Canadian leader in the development of residential architectural plans and related services, is pleased to announce that the company will now offer plans that meet a growing trend for small homes.

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Four contemporary inspired plans (more to be added depending on customer reaction) have been designed to address certain issues in the housing market, both here and throughout North America.

tiny house with 3 bedrooms
NEW – Small & Tiny House Plan # 1907 by Drummond House Plans

“Tiny homes” have a big future

Measuring about 1,000 sq.ft., these homes stand out by their functionality, space optimization, small environmental footprint and sensibly lower construction cost – starting at approx. $100,000 land and taxes not included while still respecting all National Building Code requirements. Inspired by the American movement, where tiny homes can be as small as 100 to 400 sq ft and are a part of a search for a simpler lifestyle, Drummond House Plans has retained the best characteristics of these homes and adapted them to the lifestyle of modern family. It remains that, in certain cases, municipal by-laws will need to be adjusted to accommodate these innovative models.

“The slowdown in housing starts can be explained by the major increases we have seen in construction costs, a reality that mostly affects first-time homebuyers”, explained Yves Carignan, president and CEO of Drummond House Plans. “The price of land, the cost of materials, manpower and energy are making first-time buyers take a second look at these “tiny homes” as an option to homeownership. We are meeting the demand of homebuyers, but also that of many homebuilders and housing manufacturers”, he added.

” The concept proposed by Drummond House Plans is an interesting solution”, said Daniel Laprise, president of Maisons Laprise. “We have to find new ideas to meet the needs of consumers faced with declining financial capacities.  Maisons Laprise is happy to renew its offer through this initiative.”

About Drummond House Plans

Founded in 1973, Drummond House Plans a private company with 25 employees, can also count on over 75 collaborators, specialized in architectural planning and related services, that work in twenty (23) regional agencies .


For more information, please contact:

Yves Carignan, President

Drummond House Plans

(800) 567-5267

More photos available on demand

tiny home with 3 bedrooms
NEW – Small & Tiny house plan #1700 by Drummond House Plans

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