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You feel the need for a change without going through the time and expense of a kitchen remodel… You want to follow the trends while avoiding a look that will loose its appeal prematurely… A traditional dining room has a neutral style that fits in with any period but to refresh its look here are a few inspiring and trendy ways to revamp your dining room a fresh, new look. The 10 ideas expressed in pictures can be customized to respect your space and budget.


A “ZEN”  oasis

To create this kind of calm and soothing ambiance, neutral colors are the key with a few favorite accessories for decoration. The following example offers a ZEN chic style created by the combination of wood and the luxurious chairs. By combining black with the stark white of the tableware and the abundance of natural light from the large windows the look is a success and has given the traditional an update to this much sought after style.


salle à manger traditionnelle

Choose natural tones for dining room furnishings

The pale, earthy tones of the furniture and accessories give this dining room a wonderful monochromatic style. What’s so great about these shades is that they tend to be timeless and are usually warm and classic.


salle à manger avec table de bois

Elegance in grey….

For a traditional but more stately look, experiment with different shades of grey for a stunning change


Antique style for an “old time” look

A well appointed room furnished in antique style can be very attractive. Avoid filling up the space with too many pieces and don’t forget the Quaker style chairs below as they are trending…


Modern/rustic style with a traditional feel…

Here’s a nice way to update your traditional dining room. The large “butcher block” style table gives a somewhat contemporary feel to the furnishings and the wood adds a rustic warmth. White chairs are timeless and tie the whole thing together to give proportion to the different styles for a pleasing effect.


cuisine moderne et rustique

“Warm” furnishings

All elements made from natural materials such as wood, natural fabrics and greenery tend to warm-up the room. Wood has an inviting feel that welcomes you into the room. Old wooden planks will never loose their visual appeal which is what adds a traditional element no matter what the style



salle à manger style grange

Experiment with shapes and colors

A white backdrop is the perfect foundation with which to try new things so why not experiment with accessories, furnishings and accent colors to define your perfect style while updating your traditional space…


salle à manger blanche

Clean, comfortable lines steal the show!

This traditional dining room offers comfortable style with its simplicity that speaks volumes! Furniture, colors and textures harmonize to create the quiet serenity of the room and an ambiance that will never grow old!


salle à diner champêtre

Country kitchen and dining room

Here is a delightful country style dining area the breathes life into the open space. Oversize wicker chairs blend well with the bright colors of fabrics and greenery to energy to this family space…by the way yellow is trending this year!


salle à manger avec fleurs et chaises en rotin


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