Browsing through our website “Drummond House Plans” in search of a home plan? What style, sizes and specific features are you looking for? Here are a few tips on how to choose the right plan for your new home.

Your land location and topography will affect your building project in a big way. It will save you time and money if you choose a house plan that fits your land rather than trying to make the land fit the plan.

The size and shape of your lot can have a great impact on the style of the home you can build, and thus the house plan you will need to choose e.g. a small rectangular shaped lot will restrict the layout and style of the home.

You have a small and rectangular shaped lot? Have a look at our Narrow Lot House Plan Collection >>

Victorian house plan 2459 by Drummond House Plans
Narrow-lot house – Victorian house plan 2459 by Drummond House Plans

You have a hillside log? Browse our Sloping and Hillside Design Collection >>

Looking for an affordable and simple home? Here’s our Simple and Affordable House Plan Collection >>

Simple Affordable house plan 3133 by Drummond House Plans
Simple Affordable house plan 3133 by Drummond House Plans

The Drummond House Plans blueprints can be easily customized or changed.  On many occasions, when a plan is selected, the buyers want to change certain aspects to suit their needs or sometimes the land topography.

Say, your family spend a lot of time in the kitchen and would like to have a larger kitchen and a large kitchen island; you can request a change to achieve that and our team can customize your chosen house plan to your needs.

Customize any floor plans
Customize any floor plans

You’ve found the right floor plan layout but this house is just too small. Review the plans with our team and get a free estimate for your plan modifications.

How to get an online FREE cost estimate for your plan changes? Visit our website for more info!

The exterior of any house plan can also be easily changed especially if the issue is the finishing like the color, doors and windows displayed.

What is most important in choosing your future home is the size and floor plan layout, so go ahead, examine the floor layout and size even though you are not completely sold on the external looks, keep in mind that any Drummond House Plans can be modified!

From Dream to Reality - Drummond House Plan no. 2294
From Dreams to Reality – Drummond House Plan no. 2294

Knowing what to look for (square footage, number of  bedrooms, etc.) can accelerate the process of choosing the house plan that’s right for your family. It is also wise to have an open mind when searching for a plan. As an example, you may look for a 2-car garage house plan, but the house you love the most, doesn’t offer a 2-car garage.  Remember that most modifications can easily be made to your favorite house through our customization dpt. (adding a garage, adding square footage, etc.).

Good luck in your search for your dream home plan and contact us for any help!