With the Environmentally Superior method to enhance the quality of construction and energy efficiency Drummond House Plans proposes a new and innovative approach to ecologically and ergonomically designed house plans.

Drummond House Plans’ 2939-ES

The Environmentally Superior chalet plan 2939-ES includes specifications on optimal orientation to inhibit the harsh rays of the sun in the summer and benefit from this passive heat source in the winter months. Tips on planning landscaping to make full use of rain water, shade benefits of some trees and wind breaking characteristics of others are also part of the ES concept.

Details on how to reduce energy consumption include construction methods used for the foundation and extend to choosing certified fixtures, such as an on demand water heater, the best appliances and appropriate lighting.

Open floor plan Cottage with covered porch – Country style Chalet

Aging in place is enhanced with a design that provides for day to day living on the same level including 4’ wide hallways and a linear staircase which can be fitted with an elevator if restrained mobility becomes an issue. There is a movable island in the kitchen and the living/dining room has a cathedral ceiling along with a fireplace (or wood burning stove). The master bedroom has a private bathroom that can be fitted with safety features if required and the laundry area is close by.

Discover 3240-ES, designed with the same concept in mind, we invite you to comment on this new trend in more livable homes!

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