A guest post by Michael Adams edited by Deb Villeneuve

Using your imagination you can change the way your home looks as well as maximizing storage space to work with. As we age and spend more time in the same place we end up accumulating a lot of possessions that often clog up our entire home. With the following tips you’ll have a chance to escape the fate of being buried in personal belongings by using up space as much as possible for a change:

The Bedroom

If you have space issues around your bedroom one of the best ways to go around this is to use a classic and portable Murphy bedas a solution to your needs. They can be a bit of an investment, however they’ll serve you for a long time as you will always have extra space for people to sleep around your place. Excellent for party guests and even for your own bed if you value your floor space.


You can build tall cabinets on the sides of your windows to create the sense of an alcove. Place some soft and nice cushions between them for a lovely window space where you’ll be able to take naps and read some good books. Whatever else you want to do with that space, you should make sure you have enough space to sit down and fit said cushions so you won’t have trouble working with them.

Wall space

In most modern homes interior walls offer some nice, hollow space inside them that you could utilize. This space is situated right between the wall studs, so you can create some small alcoves there or even shelving. Always remember to check for cables and plumbing inside the wall so you won’t create more problems than you’re trying to solve.

Check those corners

You can use the corners of rooms to even out the angles, creating softer edges and a cozy look. You can use that extra space for shelving, lamps and anything else that suits your needs. You can find cheap shelving solutions that need to be put together from most stores for a quick and easy deal.


If you have the need to separate the sleeping and living room areas of your home, but you don’t have the right or desire to put up some real walls. You can put up a regular room divider or a wardrobe closet to create a temporary wall between both areas. You can put up some colorful fabric on the back of the wardrobe for a better look.

Mirrors and vanity

You can use a mirror or laminate shelf or even a slide-away stool to use the wall space around your home for some nice vanity space. You could make it as wide as you need to as long as it has enough space for all your belongings that need to be close to your front door.

Home Office Area

You can create a small office area around your home with an easy combination of a small, portable desk for a good work surface. You can make a custom one at a carpenter that fits your home better than the ones you find around furniture stores if it doesn’t work for you.   For more details visit Central London removals company