Satisfaction ensues from something in which ones own personal taste is reflected.

A kitchen island that has been designed to meet your particular needs is no different and, depending on the available space, can turn a fabulous idea into a functional addition to the most popular space in the house!

Contemporary kitchen island – The Urban look

Something as small as contemporary light fixtures or a back-splash with clean, modern lines can change the whole look of your kitchen. Simple, trendy and chic, Jenn suggests getting the “urban” feel by keeping the colors neutral with tones of grey, black, brown, white or beige.

Discover our contemporary collection in which an Urban style of kitchen would be right at home!


Country kitchen island – a touch of red!

On a white back drop, vibrant red as an accent will bring life to the kitchen!

A warm and inviting look for a country kitchen, perfect for those found in our country, craftsman, or ranch and farmhouse plan collections


A “decoratable” island!
This type of island in the kitchen is multi-functional because it serves to embellish and to de-clutter the kitchen. By writing on the chalk board you can have an inspired, dynamic decoration that shares the (motivational) thought or the recipe of the day, children’s sketches or anything else that strikes your fancy…This kind of island adds a cozy feeling to the kitchen because each one can add their personal touch!

The picture below shows an island on wheels that is a convenient feature which enables it to be moved when required.


A black and white kitchen for a contemporary feel
Luxury is assured with a kitchen accessorized in black and white, they go so well together that even the YinYang (ultimate symbol of balance) is in black and white.

Have fun with shapes!
For a dynamic change to the feeling of your kitchen, why not deviate from the usual shape for your kitchen island, cupboards or flooring…


Create, innovate, enhance!
Here is a perfect example…


Wood and concrete in the kitchen… 
This is one of Jenn’s favorite looks and it combines the warmth of wood with the understated beauty and durability of cement to make a trendy but timeless statement. The grey of the concrete is a shade that goes remarkably well with the wood tones to impart warmth to the kitchen which seems to reach out and make you want to cook something!


A kitchen island with a European or Mediterranean feel

This style is recognizable by the wood blended with earthy, natural tones and “monastery” style light fixtures, butcher block table and cupboards that show off the dishes through windowed doors.

A perfect style of kitchen for a Mediterranean inspired design

Blue or bright colors in the kitchen
Blue is a strong and bright color which is very popular in ocean side decoration. Blue in the kitchen, as a focal point or accessories, has the potential to completely change the look depending on how much is used. A tropical feeling that would enhance the kitchen of a Florida style home is assured with this color


Bench seating as a decorative feature

Bench seating is always a focal point, no matter what style of kitchen it finds itself in. In the picture below the kitchen is country style and the bench seating defines a bright little breakfast nook area of the dining room. The owners of this home are lucky enough to have a beautifully windowed corner in which to enjoy the greenery of the outside environment while starting their day!